Development news, release dates, changes and more

Hiya guys,

Today I thought I would post an update on the state of development, new core features and how the project has developed since my last update. Lets begin!

There have been a huge number of key changes in the past few weeks. Part of these are due to time limitations, some due to me loosing focus on the original ambition of a survival based game, and most are down to me trying to be too ambitious when it was coming down to the actual release! I have decided to take the game back to its original roots. Some of you may have seen a video of a prison section that I posted a few weeks back, this has been removed from the game. The game now solely revolves around the island.

I have been able to drastically improve the generation of the island to a much more efficient method. This change allows generation of an island 300% bigger than the original, and it does this in the same, or less time. This allows space for much more diverse environments and better game play.

I have also implemented a brand new character creation screen with over 9 different body types to choose from. The new character screen also included customisation of not only hair and body type, but also eyes, ears and noses too!

There is also now a GUI element for monitoring your limbs health and status, meaning you can choose exactly which limb you would like to heal depending on your current situation instead of it being completely random.

Most of the graphical glitches that where present in the game have been fixed, there are still a few floating around but the majority have been resolved due to a new method of sprite implementation that allows more to not only quickly add new sprites but manage them far more easily!

Performance wise the game should now run a steady 150-200fps across most medium-end android devices.

Finally the initial release date is now a firm April 30th, this will be considered our open Beta!

Thats it for today, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away!

– zero

We are back baby!

Hiya guys,

After a week offline for ‘renovations’ the site is now back up and running and better than ever! Along with the many visual changes I also went back and cleared out allot of the clutter that was slowing down the site significantly.

That is it for today!

– zero