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Arcane Vale 0.1.5 is now live on Steam!

Hello adventurers!

Just a small patch today to address a few newly reported issues and add a few quality of life changes. There has been alot of work going on behind the scenes and cant wait to show you more in future updates.

I am also happy to announce Arcane Vale has been approved for release on Nintendo Switch and will be coming out in a few months!

Also, trading cards have been released! This was a few weeks ago, but I never got to officially announce it. I was really excited to see the option had been unlocked for Arcane Vale to add community items and think they came out looking great!

Bug fixes –
• Fixed Milad dialogue selection bug
• Fixed Witch’s potion remaining in inventory after quest complete
• Fixed bug when speaking to Dennis that would allow you to repeat the warden distraction dialogue
• Fixed virtual keyboard on touchscreen devices not appearing
• Hotbar can no longer be activated during cut scenes
• Fixed switch double click sound when selecting character on gamepad
• Fixed rare bug with item unlock screen sometimes glitching when using workbenches
• Fixed bug that could cause you to lose the cat pet when taming another pet
• Fixed minimap diagonal movement on gamepad sometimes not working correctly
• Quest items are now sorted to the bottom of the inventory rather than the top

21×9 Resolution –
• Fixed Character creation name offset
• Fixed crafting requirements offset
• Fixed hotbar durability inventory off

Localization –
• Fixed several missing texts

That is all for today, be sure to join the official Discord channel to stay upto date on the latest development!

– Zero

Surviving Titan – Dev Blog #4

Hiya guys,

It has been a pretty intense few weeks since the last update and I have been looking forward to finally posting some of the changes and features I have been adding. Life on Titan has gotten a bit more deadly recently, with several new boss’s making their way onto the planet. Life has also gotten a bit more stable, with a complete overhaul of the way that enemies and objects are saved and loaded from the map, resulting in increased performance (especially in animal breeding), stability and no more having to save the game – the game now automatically saves every few seconds.

This week I added the ability to choose a skin in the character creation screen, there is currently two to choose from –

I have updated the way that pet AI and human survivors work too, they are now a bit more intelligent in the way that they follow you. They will also offer assistance in combat if needed.

I spent a large part of last week improving the way that the grasslands biome looks and feels. There is now far more foliage in the grasslands and greater diversity of tree’s. There is still more to come but here is a quick preview –

This week I improved the digging mechanics too. Digging now detects the biome you are in which directly effects the loot you can receive, with some very special items (albeit very rare) to find –

Player housing is also something I have been tweaking. The original inception of the player built houses were instanced maps, however I felt this has no consequence and did not fit the survival theme of the game. I have since re-worked this system to now have a seamless transition between inside and outside of player housing. Certain enemies will attempt to break so it is important to have a strong door on if you want to protect your home –

Lastly I have been tweaking the games core questline. I don’t want to give out any spoilers just yet but here is a quick tease of one of the games new quest areas!

That is all for this week. I would love to hear your suggestions and critique. Please consider joining the games discord for beta access too ->

Many thanks,