Amethlion – Version 1.1.8 patch notes

Hello guys,

I am extremely excited to announce that Amethlion version 1.1.8 now is now available! This update brings in some new NPC’s, items and several important fix’s.

Here is what has changed –

  • The catacombs has been slightly re-modeled!
  • Tombs inside the catacombs are now solid
  • Reduced health of rats by 40%
  • Fixed bug that stopped vials from crafting
  • Added new NPC, Andrew the healer!
  • Increased sand stack size from 10 to 25
  • Added water lillies to several maps
  • Fixed bug that prevented the ‘Royal meeting’ quest from being completed
  • Sound settings now update without clicking apply
  • Added spider attack sound
  • Reduced durability damage on all tools slightly
  • Added rune hatchet and rune pickaxe rare drops!

Amethlion - available on Google play

amethlion healer fw

amethlion domerul fw


amethlion citadel preview fw

As always we would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

That is all for today,



Amethlion – Version 1.1.7 now available!

I am extremely happy to announce that version 1.1.7 of Amethlion is now available. This version features several bug fixes, a new enemy type as-well as improved controls.

Here are the full patch notes –

  • Added a vial of a time quest log text
  • Traps can now be avoided using the dash ability
  • Added new ‘Ghast’ NPC!
  • Added banana tree!
  • Expanded pirate cove slightly
  • Fixed bug where chests could potentially contain millions of coins
  • Fixed some missing walls in the farmhouse
  • Fixed bug with some NPC re-spawn timers activating too soon
  • Joystick can now be activated anywhere on the screen