Surviving Titan 1.0.0 is now live!

Surviving Titan 1.0.0 is now live!
This is the biggest update to date, bringing some core engine changes and new mechanics to the game!

Hiya guys,

Surviving Titan version 1.0.0 is now live and available to download! With this new update comes destructible terrain, a completely revised GUI, new control methods, performance boosts and improved gameplay! This version is an almost complete rewrite of the core game engine from the ground up.

With the new engine upgrades this will allow for new content to be added far more easily than before. It also opens up the possibility of much larger changes such as the addition of new biomes.

Destructible terrain –

A major change in this update is the ability to destroy terrain. This can be done using either explosives or mining equipment such as the pickaxe or drill!

Updated controls –

Without a doubt the most commonly requested feature was the ability to use the mouse to fire and attack with, this is now the default control scheme! The way you interact with objects has now also changed, you use your mouse to hover over the target and ‘e’ to interact with it (this is fully rebindable)

Revised interface –

Another major change from the previous release is the GUI. Almost everything has been updated to be far more intuitive to use. Take a look at the new inventory and minimap screens –

Crafting Queues –

Another requested feature was the ability to queue multiple different items at workbenches at once. This is now possible for all workbenches in the game!

Here is the full list of major changes for this release –

Version 1.0.0 key features –

• Game now runs at native 60 FPS
• Complete GUI overhaul
• Destructible terrain
• Added crafting queue’s to all workbenches
• Updated all collision box’s to be far more accurate
• New lighting engine
• New chunk engine for better overall performance, more reliable saving
• New farming system
• New dialogue windows
• New control layout – improved targeting and controls
• Increased world size

Minor changes and fixes –

• Fixed repair bench sometimes not working as expected
• Greatly increased pet follow speed
• Fixed bug with dragon that would sometimes cause a loop
• Improved skills & abilities tab to be more user friendly
• Fixed bug that would sometimes not completely delete previous saves
• Fixed weapon position bug during dialogue
• Fixed knockback sometimes not doing damage
• Fixed NPC duplication glitch
• Signal jammers can now only be damaged by explosives
• Bosses can no longer be stunned
• Added new pine tree
• Campfires no longer require fuel to cook
• Improved log cabin grid placement

Unfortunately old save files will not be compatible with the latest update. I tried my best to allow the old files to be converted, but in the end it did not prove to be possible with all the core engine changes.

I really hope you guys get a chance to try the latest update and would love to hear what you think. Also please feel free to join the discord channel to report any bugs or discuss ideas for the game ->

I hope you all enjoy the update and look forward to adding new content in the near future!

– Zero

Surviving Titan 0.7.5 has now landed!

Hiya guys,

A very small update today to fix a bug I accidentally introduced in the 0.7.4 release, anyone that was having issues with the game crashing when loading this should resolve it. A few other minor changes too. Still working on the next big release, so stay tuned for that!

• Fixed game crash when near runes
• Mimics can now be destroyed with explosives
• Fished bug with leashed NPC’s returning home after unleashing
• Leashed NPC’s will now follow the player through water

• Fixed a GUI bug when dragging inventory items over slot objects
• Fixed NPC duplication glitch which could crash the game
• Ranged weapons now take durability damage when used
• Fixed bug with dock not allowing to be placed on water
• Fixed bug with placement system not allowing paintings to be placed over water
• Horses now slow down when being ridden in water

That is all for today!


Surviving Titan 0.7.2 – Now with more horses!

Hiya guys,

Surviving Titan 0.7.2 is now live! This update includes rideable horses, sprinklers, improved interface, new cooking items and some balancing changes.

Here is a quick demo of the new and improved slot dragging system! You can now drag items directly into chests and other storage objects. And even between them!

Horses have also found their way onto Titan! These horses can be bred and ridden.. they are also a pretty good source of leather… but I didn’t suggest that!

There is also now a new way to gather rocks and ores too! It’s not a great weapon, but craft a drill at the synthesizer to mine rocks at a much faster speed than the pickaxe!

Here is the full patch notes –

• Horses have found their way to Titan!
• Items can now be directly dragged into objects, such as the chests and the campfire
• Added new burger cooking item
• Added new fries cooking item
• Added new mytonium watering can
• Added new weapon – the drill!
• Added new item – sprinkler
• Added new saddle item
• Added better object placement checking
• Added more checks so buildings cannot be placed partially on water
• Fixed bug with raw chicken not being consumed when eaten
• Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent Good times achievement from unlocking
• Fixed bug with pumpkins magically turning into wheat
• Balanced durability damage for most weapons
• Fixed bug with fishing pot sometimes moving
• Skeleton tomb now resets after 48 hours
• Fixed small pathfinding glitch with the grill
• Improved player movement when in transport
• Fixed issue with placing leashes on gamepad

That is all for today guys!

– Zero

Surviving Titan 0.7.0 has now landed

Surviving Titan 0.7.0 has now landed
New boss, several key changes to the farming system, a new building, an early version of the rail system!

Hiya guys,

Today I am releasing Surviving Titan 0.7.0 which is the largest post-launch update to date! This update includes a new boss, several key changes to the farming system, a new building, an early version of the rail system, several new items, hotbar rebinding and gamepad improvements!

Hotbar –

By popular request hotbar keys can now be rebound from the standard 1-9 to whatever you want, just toggle the option in the settings screen –

Farming –

There are several new items revolving around farming in this update, this includes the compost bincompostfertilizer and ultrasonic device.

The compost bin (craftable at the workbench) will take any organic materials you put into it and turn it into compost. This is a slow process so multiple bins are ideal.

The ultrasonic device (craftable at the synthesizer) will scare scavengers away from your crops at a much farther range than the scarecrow!

Crops will now display several new variables when hovering over or examining them, this includes their health, water and dirt quality. If a plant does not have any water it will begin to lose health over time. If a plant has both water and good dirt quality it will regain health and grow much faster!

Rail system –

There is a very early version of the rail system included in this update, it is a bit buggy and not feature complete but I plan to build on it in future updates. For now, you can just build a track and ride it but in the future, I plan for there to be more functional carts –

New building –

You can now craft a windmill at the carpenters table! The windmill is used to turn wheat into flour. It is a large structure so be sure to give it lot’s of space when placing!

New boss battle –

A new NPC has found its way to the firelands with some interesting, albeit dangerous abilities. Be sure to pay them a visit if you fancy a real challenge!

Here is the full patch notes –

• Added a new building to craft – the windmill
• Added new compost bin object
• Added new ultrasonic device object
• Added new item, master gem
• Added compost and fertilizer items
• Added new quest
• Added new boss fight
• Added new lettuce plant you can grow!
• Added new mine cart
• Added new rails system
• Added a new achievement – Good times
• Added new cooking recipe – honey sweet
• Added two new salads to create, tomato and crab
• Fixed rune sprites not matching
• Fixed bug with combat, dummy achievement not unlocking
• Moved gamepad to top of settings screen
• Fixed bug with the saviour achievement not always unlocking correctly
• Added sounds to cellar unlock
• Added new achievement, The ancient one
• Refilling from a well/rain catcher will now attempt to refill as much as possible, not in increments
• Wells now work on a global timer (You do not need to be near them for them to refill)
• Increase well water capacity to 1000ml
• Increased rain catcher water capacity from 50 to 100
• Watering cans now have to be refilled, increased water capacity from 100ml to 250ml
• Added the ability to rebind hot bar keys in the game settings
• Fixed weapons not drawing correctly after being resurrected by SHARD
• Fixed a small memory leak
• Items can now be quick-added to the hotbar while using a gamepad with (Y)

That is all for today guys.

I hope you are enjoying the game and looking foward to adding more content!

– Zero

Surviving Titan 0.6.5 is now live!

Hiya guys,

Just a small update tonight, adding steam cloud saves and a few new things.

• Added steam cloud syncing
• Added a new cave to explore
• Added a new desert prefab
• Added smarter collision detected and fallbacks to prevent pets getting lost
• Added more out of bounds checks to most maps
• Added sound to activated rune portal
• NPC’s are no longer damaged by cacti
• Increased pearl stack to 5
• Removed ‘It’s already crafting something’ text from the crafting table
• Fixed bug with inventory closing when clicking on chests
• Fixed bug with removing ladders from caves and replacing them generating a new cave
• Fixed bug with X button not working on some gamepads on IOS
• Improved GUI rescaling whilst in windowed mode
• Reduced lighting effects in firelands biome by 40%
• Bandages can no longer be stacked


Surviving Titan 0.6.3 has now landed!

Hiya guys,

Today I have been combing the discussion boards and picking up on all of the suggestions you have had to improve the core gameplay loop. One very common thing was the accessibility of storage in the early and mid game, with that in mind I have moved the small chest to a default crafting item at the workbench requiring only wood to craft. It’s base storage capacity has also been increased. At the carpenters table now is a default crafting recipe large chest, requiring only bronze and wood to craft.

Additionality I have fixed several persistent bugs, most notably resources respawning and removing your placed objects, pet pathfinding causing issues on some of the space maps, paintings and doors not showing correctly in player housing and a few other performance tweaks.

Version 0.6.3 should very shortly be available for you to play. I really hope you enjoy the changes and can’t wait to hear what you guys suggest next –

• Fixed a bug that meant some plants and resources would respawn over objects, removing them from the game
• Reduced respawn time of coal and clay
• Large space doors will now stay open after you go through them to help with npc/pet pathfinding
• Reduced lighting effects when shooting the flamethrower
• Added additional map warp check when leaving the igloo
• The small chest is now available to craft at the workbench
• The large wooden chest is now a default crafting recipe at the workbench
• Added a new tier of craftable chest, the golden chest – available at the carpenters table
• Added additional out of bounds checks to most caves
• Improved gui re-scaling when resizing windows mode
• Fixed large and medium paintings only giving small paintings when destroyed/removed
• Fix some map resources objects such as stone walls appearing through player placed buildings
• Fixed bug with wood cabin door not displaying whilst outside
• Fixed bug with paintings displaying outside of player housing
• Added new ‘uproot’ options to plants – removes the plant while it is growing or has grown, has a chance to return the seed
• Increased rock stack size from 25 to 50 to be inline with ores
• Increased small chest size from 8 slots to 12
• Increased medium chest size from 12 to 20
• Increased mytonium chest size from 20 to 32 slots
• Increased gold stack size to 50
• Fixed small layering issue with medium chests
• Fixed fletching table destroying producing a workbench

That is all for today.

Thank you as always for being so awesome

– Zero

Surviving Titan 0.6.2 has now landed!

Hiya guys,

Thank you all for being so active on the discord and community pages the past few days. Your ideas and feedback has been great and I love the direction things are going!

I spent most of the day working on some more quality of life improvements and on fixing all of the bugs you guys found over the last few days!

Here is the list of changes –

• Improved vertical shooting – yes you can now shoot up and down freely
• Improved GUI resolution on some monitors
• Water pouches can now be refilled from rain catchers and wells
• Keycards now stack up to 10
• Fixed movement glitch when walking on lava with pets following you
• Improved bed placement and fixed overlap bug when placing near each other
• game window no longer re-centers when changing maps in windowed mode
• Fixed teleportation pad markers sometimes appearing in the top left of the minimap
• Fixed bug with minimap markers sometimes flickering
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the ‘Green thumb’ achievement from being completed
• Poison and fire damage can no longer be blocked by the shield
• Fixed boats not placing in deep water
• Fixed a bug when sleeping and pausing the game that would sometimes stop the player from automatically waking up
• Fixed a bug with boats passing through dock panels
• Reduced log requirement to craft coal in the furnace from 10 to 5
• Rover will now not animate whilst idle
• Increased health of rover from 25 to 50
• Clicking a pet icon that is close will now talk to them directly (useful if you have lot’s of pets bunched together)
• Fixed a bug when having multiple buildings near each other that would stop objects being draw inside them
• Added new special object placement check for paintings on walls – can be be placed on all tiles
• Reduced drop chance of rare mining drops slightly
• Added new crafting recipe, bone powder!
• Improved pathfinding on the ‘hell creature’

That is all for today.

I hope you are enjoying the game! And if you are please consider leaving a review on the steam page, it really helps!

– Zero

Surviving Titan – 0.6.1 – now live!

Hiya guys,

Thank you all so much for the support and reception of the game! I have been listening to all of your feedback over the past two days and putting it all together in a list of things that you have suggested be changed to better the game. I think I have ironed out the majority of bugs and glitches in the first few days and today I moved on to tweaking some of your biggest complains, let’s begin!

Storage changes –

The default inventory space has been increased, giving you a bit more room to play with. Chests and large storage objects now dynamically adapt their rows based on their slots –

Don’t forget you can shift-click items to store them quickly!

Ground items –

A lot of you had quite a bit of clutter on the ground after all your farming and exploration. With that in mind I have added a new call that will despawn ground items after 48 ingame hours. Any existing items on the ground before this patch will remain there so you will have to pick them up and drop them again for this change to take effect.

Currently the 48 hour despawn does not effect items that are crafted from a workbench, quest items or any items that you drop if you die.

Keybindings and settings –

There is now an option to toggle on/off auto-zoom when interacting with objects. Zoom-in and out can now be binded as-well as attack can now be binded to right click (still working on the left click remap)

Here is the full patch notes –

  • Gamepad controls improved slightly
  • Fixed a gap that would allow you outside the map in the research ship
  • Added crafting output amounts to GUI
  • Death location will now automatically clear from the minimap when you reach your body
  • Items will now despawn after staying on the ground for 48 in-game hours
  • Added new game setting so you can toggle auto-zoom on and off
  • Quest log and minimap now defaults to M for keybinding
  • Reduced rover smithing level requirment from 15 to 10
  • Fixed bug that meant Clive had to be inside the escape pod to complete the “Fuel levels critical” quest
  • Added zooming to skill tree, default zoom reduced
  • Michael will now attempt to get bars for you if you send him on a mission
  • Increased clay spawns in the jungle slightly

That is all for today guys. Please continue to post your idea’s and feedback.

The game also has a discord channel that I would love for you to join -

– Zero


Surviving Titan – Out now on Steam, IOS and Android!


Download on the app store

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Surviving Titan is an open world, action packed, survival adventure game. You will have to craft, build, fight and explore to discover all of the mysteries of Titan.

You’ve crash landed on the planet Titan. Suffering from amnesia and armed with only a basic survival kit you begin exploring the planet looking for any signs of life. You are accompanied by your ships standard issue survival droid, their job is to help keep you alive.

Explore a large open world full of mysteries, dangerous creatures, rare resources and surprises. Live long enough to discover the mysteries of Titan, find other survivors and attempt to escape the perilous planet.

Key features

  • A huge, randomly generated open world to explore – built up of seven different biomes. With each biome having a unique landscape, rare resources and inhabitants (friendly or otherwise) exploring these biomes will be instrumental if you are to ever survive Titan.
  • You are not alone – discover other survivors during your exploration and recruit them into your crew. Trade, fight and explore with them and perhaps they can help unravel some of the mysteries of Titan!
  • Craft your own adventure – With over 150 unique items to craft the world of Titan is your oyster. Craft useful objects, suits of armor or powerful weapons to help you survive.
  • Train your skills. There are 7 skills to master. Each skill has it’s own unique benefits. Compete in global leaderboards to see who is the master of each skill.

I hope you enjoy the game!

– Zero

Surviving Titan – New features, stress testing and the road to release

Hiya guys,

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy on the world of Titan! I have been stress testing the game considerably to try and squeeze out as much performance as possible before launch. One of the main systems I re-wrote was the NPC system, which relies heavily on a parenting system. I managed to squeeze some extra performance out by reducing the time between calculating movement paths. Here is one of my stress tests –

And another more extreme example –

The dynamic weather system has been updated to be far less resource intensive, mobile users should notice a big difference.

Last week I spent most of my time adding gamepad support. It is almost feature complete and lead me to add a much requested feature – dynamic targeting. In the settings screen you can now toggle between keyboard or mouse targeting –

The skill tree finally received some love this week with some of the missing abilities programmed in such as the ‘Jumper cables’ ability you can unlock for SHARD. Upon death this gives you a 20% chance to be brought back to life by SHARD instead of returning to the escape pod, pretty handy!

Lastly I added a few new cave variations for you to stumble across. This one is full of spiders, weak passive creatures. However hurt one you might have a problem on your hands!

That is all for today. The game is now available on steam to wishlist, please show your support and hit the wishlist button today!

– Zero