Hiya guys! Today we are releasing A Tale of Survival version 1.1.74. This release adds several new objects to build and interact with, new items, increased game performance and greater stability. We have been able to greatly increased the sharpness of the player sprites and paper dolled items across most (if not all) resolutions in this release. The ladder, rope and bucket items all now have uses and if used properly can be very valuable.

As always thank you all for your continued bug reports, suggestions and ideas. The feedback thus far has been amazing and we look forward to reading it everyday!

Version 1.1.74 (29-6-14) –

  • Added new power save option to game settings
  • The ladder can now be used on cave entrances to journey down into dangerous caves
  • The well now has it own animation, use a bucket and rope on it to build and use it!
  • Removed smoothing around player sprite and equipment for a much sharper image
  • Fixed a small memory leak when exiting the game menu and entering the game
  • Fixed bug when changing gore settings which would sometimes change the game resolution
  • Fixed bug with paper-dolling depth sorting not working correctly after latest patch
  • Fixed bug with some items not appearing on the character when equipped
  • Fixed bug when destroying a chest that the gui element would stay visible
  • Energy potion now requires a banana instead of bandage to craft
  • Fixed lighting glitch when pausing the game
  • Fixed bug when pausing the game that would sometimes cause equipment to now be drawn
  • Fixed bug with clicking some map items that would activate the joystick
  • Increased sensitivity of the joystick
  • Fixed tile transition between dark and light grass
  • Fixed the difference in colour between deep and dark water on some devices
  • Fixed bug when loading and saving the game which would sometimes change the players attack damage and armour values
  • Fixed bug when clicking some resources that would activate the joystick
  • Fixed flicker caused by reloading surfaces after pausing the game
  • Fixed bug with water depth not being drawn to paper dolled items after last patch
  • Fixed bug with play button sometimes disappearing after creating a new character and exiting back to the menu
  • Fixed bug with eye sprites not displaying correctly
  • Added multiple button states to interact buttons to stop accidental key presses
  • The joystick will no longer activate when clicking interaction buttons
  • Re-added damage bounce from lava and camp-fires
  • Fixed bug with zoom buttons still being visible on death
  • Picking up detail objects will no longer cause the joystick to activate
  • Increased length of night time by 30%
  • Fixed bug with cooked pork requiring furnace to craft
  • Added new fall back for character creation surfaces when focus is lost on some devices
  • Fixed bug when clicking some gui elements that would interact with items on the ground
  • Fixed crash that could occur when placing items on an object that was already built
  • Added several new error prompts when building objects
  • Added crafting recipe for rope
  • Sleeping now restores hunger, warmth and a small amount of health
  • Using the zoom buttons now re-draws the map too
  • Doubled damage of the bomb
  • Added grass depth detection to NPCS
  • Rabbits are now classed as passive npcs and run away when attacked

That is all for today guys,

– Zero.

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