Hiya guys,

It has been a long time coming but we are finally ready to release version 1.1.80 of A Tale of Survival for Google-Play and Amazon users. This new version features numerous bug fixes, several new compatibility features for lower end devices as-well as some new game play elements.

We are currently working on several new big features for the next update, this includes ranged enemies, pets and new environment types.

– 21-9-14 –

  • Fixed bug with sweet corn not being edible
  • Fixed memory management issue when starting a new game that could cause a white box to appear around the player
  • Fixed lag on initial load when creating a new game world for lower end devices
  • Changed the way that resource health is calculated to be slightly more random
  • Fixed bug when mining adamantite that would sometimes spawn sand
  • Fixed bug when targeting an area where an NPC had previously died that would cause a bug
  • Being near lava now provides warmth
  • Fixed bug which prevented leather scraps from being dropped
  • Fixed bug with warmth detection not working correctly due to wrong player positioning code
  • Fixed bug with camp-fire providing warmth when not lit
  • Camp-fire can now be destroyed when lit
  • Jade is now a random
  • drop when mining adamantite
  • Combat music will no longer trigger every time you enter combat
  • Fixed bug with auto tiling system that could cause a random crash
  • Fixed bug when placing cooking pot on camp-fire that was reading the wrong mouse coordinates creating an error
  • Reduced size of action bubble interface element
  • Fixed bug with camp-fire that was not activating collision checks when placing it
  • Fix bug with camp-fire vanishing when placing a cooking pot on top of it
  • Added random drop chances when destroying objects and structures
  • Added version information to menu screen
  • Fixed bug with arrows not dropping correctly when killing an npc
  • Fixed bug with zoom buttons not displaying after last update
  • Fixed bug with chests not spawning with any items in them
  • Fixed bug with resource generation sometimes loosing data on load
  • Gates now only stack up-to 5
  • Ruby, jade and amethyst are now labelled as crafting materials. Ruby no longer is equitable
  • Added bounce back when hitting cacti and other spiky objects!
  • Lava damage sound will no longer player on death
  • Fixed a bug when entering and exiting a cave or dungeon without saving that could sometimes result in a black screen
  • Fixed glitch with cave walls sometimes not adding correctly when generating
  • Reduced health of Ghost to 35

That is all for today, the next update will be the 5th of august so send us your ideas and suggestions before then!


– Zero.

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