Hiya guys,

After a short delay version 1.1.76 will now shortly be available for download on the Google play and Amazon app stores respectively. This is another huge update that we are excited to be releasing. As a heads up to take full advantage of the new features you will need to generate a new world. This patch includes several quite major bug fixes, the re-addition of an improved dynamic lighting system, rafts, new music and new land types.

As always we look forward to your feedback, bug reports and suggestions. A Tale of Survival has grown rapidly over the last two months and we are looking foward to growing it even further with your support and ideas! Here is the full change-log

Version 1.1.76 (16-7-14) –

  • Fixed bug where some updates would cause random objects to appear onscreen and essentially ruin the games save data.
  • Added more fall-back functionality to save game data to ‘adapt’ after an update to the new files
  • Added new death sound!
  • Improved hit-boxes of all resources, map items and objects
  • Added several new icons for achievements
  • Fixed bug with torch fire not lighting on equip
  • Added dynamic shadowing to resources at night
  • Fixed bug when picking up some ground items that would activate the resource description box
  • Added sounds when opening and closing some interface items
  • Resources no longer automatically interact when clicked
  • Fixed bug with interact button sometimes creating multiple instances of a single action
  • Fixed small memory leak with enemy search script
  • Added a brand new click-based targeting system with priority queues and depth sort-find functionality
  • Re-designed the interactions buttons GUI layout to not obstruct the players view
  • Fishing now uses energy
  • Fixed bug when fishing that caught items were not dropped to the ground
  • Fishing now has a random change of catching some rare and useful items
  • Added sound when  a bite it taken on a fishing line
  • Fishing line no longer draws above the lighting making it harder to fish at night
  • Equipment data is now saved temporarily to prevent any data loss
  • Fixed bug where the player could potentially get stuck in an animation loop
  • Fixed graphical glitch with exit button
  • Fixed bug with map details sometimes changing when loading a previous save
  • Inspecting an unbuilt object now displays the items required to finish building it
  • Lava now does continuous damage when standing on it
  • Fixed some stacking issues related to the hotbar and textbox/interaction buttons
  • Added brand new method of transportation, the raft!
  • Added new environmental detection system to object placement as-well as several new error prompts
  • Added water depth detection to water found in caves
  • Lava now has a random chance of spawning in dungeons and caves
  • Fixed graphical glitch with corners of water tile
  • Re-worked water graphics
  • Added new water detail type, the lilly!
  • Fixed bug with cave stairs sometimes being blocked making it hard to exit a cave
  • Added waterfalls!
  • Potatoes, chillis, sweetcorn and carrot plants now randomly spawn on the map
  • Fixed bug with reeds being overlapped by some map objects
  • Increased dirt detail objects by 60%
  • Improved collision detection with reeds and long grass
  • Crafting wooden plank now makes two planks instead of one
  • Added click sound to crafting menu scrolling

That is all for today,

– Zero.

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