Surviving Titan 1.0.0 is now live!

Surviving Titan 1.0.0 is now live!
This is the biggest update to date, bringing some core engine changes and new mechanics to the game!

Hiya guys,

Surviving Titan version 1.0.0 is now live and available to download! With this new update comes destructible terrain, a completely revised GUI, new control methods, performance boosts and improved gameplay! This version is an almost complete rewrite of the core game engine from the ground up.

With the new engine upgrades this will allow for new content to be added far more easily than before. It also opens up the possibility of much larger changes such as the addition of new biomes.

Destructible terrain –

A major change in this update is the ability to destroy terrain. This can be done using either explosives or mining equipment such as the pickaxe or drill!

Updated controls –

Without a doubt the most commonly requested feature was the ability to use the mouse to fire and attack with, this is now the default control scheme! The way you interact with objects has now also changed, you use your mouse to hover over the target and ‘e’ to interact with it (this is fully rebindable)

Revised interface –

Another major change from the previous release is the GUI. Almost everything has been updated to be far more intuitive to use. Take a look at the new inventory and minimap screens –

Crafting Queues –

Another requested feature was the ability to queue multiple different items at workbenches at once. This is now possible for all workbenches in the game!

Here is the full list of major changes for this release –

Version 1.0.0 key features –

• Game now runs at native 60 FPS
• Complete GUI overhaul
• Destructible terrain
• Added crafting queue’s to all workbenches
• Updated all collision box’s to be far more accurate
• New lighting engine
• New chunk engine for better overall performance, more reliable saving
• New farming system
• New dialogue windows
• New control layout – improved targeting and controls
• Increased world size

Minor changes and fixes –

• Fixed repair bench sometimes not working as expected
• Greatly increased pet follow speed
• Fixed bug with dragon that would sometimes cause a loop
• Improved skills & abilities tab to be more user friendly
• Fixed bug that would sometimes not completely delete previous saves
• Fixed weapon position bug during dialogue
• Fixed knockback sometimes not doing damage
• Fixed NPC duplication glitch
• Signal jammers can now only be damaged by explosives
• Bosses can no longer be stunned
• Added new pine tree
• Campfires no longer require fuel to cook
• Improved log cabin grid placement

Unfortunately old save files will not be compatible with the latest update. I tried my best to allow the old files to be converted, but in the end it did not prove to be possible with all the core engine changes.

I really hope you guys get a chance to try the latest update and would love to hear what you think. Also please feel free to join the discord channel to report any bugs or discuss ideas for the game ->

I hope you all enjoy the update and look forward to adding new content in the near future!

– Zero

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