Surviving Titan 0.7.5 has now landed!

Hiya guys,

A very small update today to fix a bug I accidentally introduced in the 0.7.4 release, anyone that was having issues with the game crashing when loading this should resolve it. A few other minor changes too. Still working on the next big release, so stay tuned for that!

• Fixed game crash when near runes
• Mimics can now be destroyed with explosives
• Fished bug with leashed NPC’s returning home after unleashing
• Leashed NPC’s will now follow the player through water

• Fixed a GUI bug when dragging inventory items over slot objects
• Fixed NPC duplication glitch which could crash the game
• Ranged weapons now take durability damage when used
• Fixed bug with dock not allowing to be placed on water
• Fixed bug with placement system not allowing paintings to be placed over water
• Horses now slow down when being ridden in water

That is all for today!


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