Surviving Titan 0.6.2 has now landed!


Hiya guys,

Thank you all for being so active on the discord and community pages the past few days. Your ideas and feedback has been great and I love the direction things are going!

I spent most of the day working on some more quality of life improvements and on fixing all of the bugs you guys found over the last few days!

Here is the list of changes –

• Improved vertical shooting – yes you can now shoot up and down freely
• Improved GUI resolution on some monitors
• Water pouches can now be refilled from rain catchers and wells
• Keycards now stack up to 10
• Fixed movement glitch when walking on lava with pets following you
• Improved bed placement and fixed overlap bug when placing near each other
• game window no longer re-centers when changing maps in windowed mode
• Fixed teleportation pad markers sometimes appearing in the top left of the minimap
• Fixed bug with minimap markers sometimes flickering
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the ‘Green thumb’ achievement from being completed
• Poison and fire damage can no longer be blocked by the shield
• Fixed boats not placing in deep water
• Fixed a bug when sleeping and pausing the game that would sometimes stop the player from automatically waking up
• Fixed a bug with boats passing through dock panels
• Reduced log requirement to craft coal in the furnace from 10 to 5
• Rover will now not animate whilst idle
• Increased health of rover from 25 to 50
• Clicking a pet icon that is close will now talk to them directly (useful if you have lot’s of pets bunched together)
• Fixed a bug when having multiple buildings near each other that would stop objects being draw inside them
• Added new special object placement check for paintings on walls – can be be placed on all tiles
• Reduced drop chance of rare mining drops slightly
• Added new crafting recipe, bone powder!
• Improved pathfinding on the ‘hell creature’

That is all for today.

I hope you are enjoying the game! And if you are please consider leaving a review on the steam page, it really helps!

– Zero

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