Surviving Titan – 0.6.1 – now live!


Hiya guys,

Thank you all so much for the support and reception of the game! I have been listening to all of your feedback over the past two days and putting it all together in a list of things that you have suggested be changed to better the game. I think I have ironed out the majority of bugs and glitches in the first few days and today I moved on to tweaking some of your biggest complains, let’s begin!

Storage changes –

The default inventory space has been increased, giving you a bit more room to play with. Chests and large storage objects now dynamically adapt their rows based on their slots –

Don’t forget you can shift-click items to store them quickly!

Ground items –

A lot of you had quite a bit of clutter on the ground after all your farming and exploration. With that in mind I have added a new call that will despawn ground items after 48 ingame hours. Any existing items on the ground before this patch will remain there so you will have to pick them up and drop them again for this change to take effect.

Currently the 48 hour despawn does not effect items that are crafted from a workbench, quest items or any items that you drop if you die.

Keybindings and settings –

There is now an option to toggle on/off auto-zoom when interacting with objects. Zoom-in and out can now be binded as-well as attack can now be binded to right click (still working on the left click remap)

Here is the full patch notes –

  • Gamepad controls improved slightly
  • Fixed a gap that would allow you outside the map in the research ship
  • Added crafting output amounts to GUI
  • Death location will now automatically clear from the minimap when you reach your body
  • Items will now despawn after staying on the ground for 48 in-game hours
  • Added new game setting so you can toggle auto-zoom on and off
  • Quest log and minimap now defaults to M for keybinding
  • Reduced rover smithing level requirment from 15 to 10
  • Fixed bug that meant Clive had to be inside the escape pod to complete the “Fuel levels critical” quest
  • Added zooming to skill tree, default zoom reduced
  • Michael will now attempt to get bars for you if you send him on a mission
  • Increased clay spawns in the jungle slightly

That is all for today guys. Please continue to post your idea’s and feedback.

The game also has a discord channel that I would love for you to join -

– Zero

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