Surviving Titan – 0.2.5 closed beta – patch notes

  • Rotated sleeping bag sprite 90*
    Removed gork head drops
    Improved boar charge attack
    Fixed large wooden gate sprite
    Fixed bug with dragon flashing red
    Modified draw depth of flying NPC’s
    Added loot all button to containers
    Fixed several typo’s, still lot’s more I am sure
    Fixed unequipping and reequipping items producing a misleading notification
    Fixed player offhand weapon/tool being visible when sleeping
    Fixed bug that allowed player to change direction while sleeping
    Fixed graphical error when sleeping with hazmat suit
    Changing class now randomly selects a new character name
    Fixed bug with Peter not correctly auto-following player after accepting ‘Bloody Tourists’ quest
    Days survived now correctly calculated time (including time spent in revival tank)
    Added new nocturnal state to some NPC’s – they will now only spawn at night
    Possibly fixed NPC duplication glitch – will wait for more testing to confirm
    Gaining levels now appears above the player’s head instead
    Fixed bug with redwood tree not drawing correctly
    Fixed glitch that wouldn’t allow the player to instantly teleport back to a map after leaving it
    Fixed graphical error with some objects displaying incorrect sprites between game builds
    Fixed bug that would allow health to go above maximum health when equipping and unequipping items quickly
    Buffed raw and cooked frogs’ legs
    Fixed bug with some items not correctly adding thirst of energy modifiers
    Fixed multitouch item dragging not releasing when mouse was released
    Added bandage crafting sound
    Added several new fishing sounds
    Added several new eat and drink sounds, changed the way the sounds are ordered to only play one
    Fixed several crafting bugs
    Fixed potential crash with NPC’s weapons trying to fire before properly initialized
    Fixed bug with furnace sound not stopping when out of fuel
    Fixed bug with furnace emitter effects
    Increased crafting time of iron bar to 60 seconds
    Added temporary roll ability sound effect
    Removed ‘detail’ object time – was a redundant old system that should increase performance slightly
    Fixed several bugs with NPC system not storing data correctly
    Fixed bug with ground items duplicating when respawning
    Some abilities now require energy to use
    Added new storyline quest – ‘System Status’
    Pet’s on a different map will now draw in the active pet list
    Added new mini-golem creature
    Improved loot salvaged from crashed ships, now has a proper loot table
    Re-wrote all cave chests loot tables
    Added diamond shard spawns
    Fixed collisions bugs with rover – merged vehicle types
    Raw meat now damaged health but also restores some hunger
    Discoveries no longer show a locked icon next to them
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