ATOS patch notes #10

Hiya guys!

Today sees the 10th update for ATOS, thank you all so much for the support and suggestions so far! We have been working hard on some new updates for your guys and today we are releasing some of them. Today’s patch includes a brand new storage system, you can now craft and place your own chests to use as static additional storage. This was one of the most highly requested features so we didn’t want to keep you waiting!

We have also redesigned the item-info screen to be more touch friendly and use up less important screen real-estate. The item interaction window has also been modified to now display as a gui element instead of a normal object.

We have also added combat dummies, these are craft-able objects which can be used to test your weapons against. There are also several new items and crafting recipes so be sure to check those out too! of-course there have been several bug fixes and hopefully this build should also improve overall game performance and stability.

Version 1.1.51 (30-5-14)

• Using the new method for collision detection we used on mountains we have been able to apply this to water too to make water detection far more accurate without using lots of memory to do it!

• Shallow and deep water now display as two different depths on the player

• Completely redesigned the item info box to take up less valuable view space

• Item descriptions are now colour coded, green for positive effects and red for negative effects

• Fixed several spelling mistakes (Thanks to Joshua Kehoe)

• Fixed text alignment in title screen

• Fixed bug with some seed items not growing after last update

• Fixed bug with health bar sometimes incorrectly calculating actual value

• Added new global check for active emitters to prevent any audio crashes

• Fixed bug with gold ore sometimes instantly re-spawning

• Added several new death sprites for trees

• Fixed bug with tile resource manager trying to clear off-screen tiles and slowing down the game

• Fixed tree death state offsets which could cause the player to get stuck inside a tree when chopping it

• Fixed bug with cloth hat displaying wrong item stats

• Fixed bug with clay stone sometimes spawning in an un-mineable state

• Reduced mining stages of gold, iron and coal by 1

• Fixed bug when leaving dungeon that could cause the player to get stuck in a wall object

• Fixed bug with some objects not being drawn when pausing the game

• Fixed bug with dungeon entrances sometimes being spawned on the side of mountains

• Added a new fall back method to dungeon generation to prevent

• Fixed bug with crafting directories selection remaining active after changing recipe

• Reduced run speed and chase distance of the imp

• Renamed health potion to Hunger potion, now instantly restores a large portion of hunger

• Added new text prompt when out of range to interact with a resource

• Resources and objects with only one interaction action now open automatically when clicking them
• Fixed bug when clicking text box objects that the joystick would activate

• Re-designed the interaction buttons to be far more user friendly

• Fixed bug with ground items being clickable underneath an open inventory

• Fixed bug with light surface not being drawn in the pause menu

• Added inventory item numbers to the hot bar

• Fixed bug with raw meat item being removed from inventory when used

• Fixed bug with npc sprite sometimes glitching when attacking upward

• Improved spawn collision detection for both player and npc

• Reduced chase distance and run speed of the skeleton

• Increased skeleton damage by 1

• Fixed bug which was preventing the ‘cold feet’ de-buff from working properly

• NPC now have different movement speeds in water than on land

• Leather chest no longer slows movement speed

That is it for today guys,

– Zero.

ATOS patch notes #8 (THE BIG ONE)

Hiya guys!

Today’s update is another big one, even bigger than the previous! We have been working non-stop this weekend add add new enemy types, several new bows and arrow types, news ways to interact with the environment and loads more. Whats best of all? We finally found the huge bug that was the cause of 90% of all game crashes! There is now more than ever to do in ATOS and we are very excited to see what you make of the new changes!

Version 1.1.45 – 25-4-14

• Added a brand new enemy type – The Golem – Spawns on ice and snow and is very powerful

• Added two new leather items – Leather cap and leather boots

• Reduced crafting menu into ‘directories’ for far easier navigation!

• Fixed bug with loading bar not displaying correct values

• Increased the distance that map items can be picked up from by 15

• Fixed bug when quickly entering and exiting dungeons that could cause a black screen

• Fixed bug with long sword item crashing the game and not displaying correctly

• Reduced hunger step damage to be slightly more realistic

• Decreased step load of gui drawing

• Fixed bug with crafting menu that would scroll the user back to the top when closing an item

• Fixed bug with crafting directories being effected by joystick

• Ember logs now stack

• Fixed bug with defensive structures sometimes causing an error code when reloading the game

• Stone blocks now drop stone when destroyed

• Added a new bow type – The ‘Great bow’

• Added a new arrow type, the ‘bone arrow’

• Re-worked bow damage calculation to now factor in arrow strength

• Fixed bug where player could potentially get stuck in bow animation loop

• Increased radius of projectile hit boxes to make hitting targets a little easier

• Jewels are now stackable

• Fixed bug with bow where the last arrow would not cause any damage

• Fixed bug where player would automatically attack when loading the game

• Added new gui button when shooting arrows to cancel the shot and save the arrow

• Changed equipment gui position to now be displayed on the left

• Equipment can now not be opened when inventory or body status windows are open

• Reduced blood particle life and amount for better performance

• Fixed bug with blurriness around the bow and long sword paper dolls

• Fixed bug with texture messing up after un-pausing the game

• Increased swim speed by 40%

• Reduced run speed by 0.6

• Fixed bug with inventory and equipment slots staying selected after closing them

• Fixed gui flicker when saving the game

• Added new crafting recipe for Greatbow, Recurve bow, Bone arrow

• Fixed bug with items ground items not being visible when in the pause menu

• Fixed bug with npc getting stuck in a loop and slowing down the game

• Added new game loop fullback

• Added 4 new craft able shirts, 4 new craft able pants

• Fixed bug with some leg armour being equip in pendant slot

• Fixed glitch with speech text moving randomly when walking through water

• Fixed a glitch with map drawing array not around down correctly and missing tiles

• Fixed dungeon entrance collision check offset

• Fixed bug with npc descriptions sometimes crashing the game

• Added new icon for iron long sword and iron leg armour

• Fixed transition between long grass and water sometimes giving a black background

• Increased movement speed of imps by 0.4

• Fixed bug with pause screen disappearing when trying to resume a game after taking a phone call or closing phone

• Fixed bug with movement being slowed on ice and snow even when shoes were equip

• Fixed bug with feet paper doll being drawn over the weapon sprite

• Mace is no longer stackable

• Iron long sword is now classified as a two-handed weapon

• Fixed bug with npcs not doing damage after saving the game

• Added new script to do durability damage to items being used from the inventory

• Heavily reduced the amount of drops from most trees

• Fixed bug with the re-spawn timers of resources not working correctly in some situations

• Reduced the size of ground items by 20%

That is all to today, stay tuned for more!

– Zero.

ATOS patch notes #7

Hiya guys!

Today’s patch is a big one. We have been hard at work adding new features and more optimisation. Its been a week since we released ATOS and we have learnt allot in that time. It was a bit of a rough launch but with your feedback and bug reports we are making improvements everyday! Today see’s the launch of version 1.1.40, this version fixes graphical glitches between tiles, controller issues, adds several new items and once again increases performance.

Here is the full change-log –

Version 1.1.40 (24-5-14)

• Converted all existing tiles to new scalable format to eliminate gaps between tiles, blurry-ness and tearing

• Fixed bug with npcs spinning when attacking upward

• Fixed bug with npcs moving over or into mountains

• Fixed a lot of tile transition graphical errors

• Fixed bug with spawn collision checking sometimes not working correctly or causing crashes

• Fixed bug with eyes not being selectable in character creator

• Based on feedback joystick have been modified to now work on any area of screen that’s is considered free

• Re-wrote the way that map tiles are drawn to now work slightly more efficiency

• Fixed bug with map not being fully dawn on initial load

• Fixed bug with player character customisation being lost on game load (thanks Gregory Gay)

• Fixed bug with player sometimes getting suck when loading a game

• Smoothed animation between loading bar and entering the world

• Fixed bug with sweetcorn item being equitable

• Fixed bug with ‘Fur’ tree not dropping any items and displaying wrong error message

• Fixed bug with sweetcorn plant that could cause the player to get stuck

• Fixed bug with sweetcorn plant positioning being wrong when planting seed

• Reduced damage of cows by 3, attack speed by 0.4 and chase distance by 200

• Added two new items, Amethysts, Ruby, Jade and Agate jewels, which will be used ink rafting recipes

• Fixed bug with clay stone ore not dropping any items

• Reduced drop rate of gold from mining by 2

• Fixed bug with text in character creator not being centred

• Gold bar now required 2 gold ores instead of one

• Increased damage taken by hunger by 0.5

• Having a full hunger will now grant a short cool down before taking damage

• Running when hungry now causes more damage than walking

• Fixed bug with lava and cacti that was only damaging player legs

• Fixed bug with crafting when the inventory was full that would not spawn the item but take resources

• Fixed bug when un-equipping item with full inventory that would destroy the item

• Fixed main menu random text positioning bug

• Increased arrow crafting output from 1 to 3

• Reduced number of active map objects by 75%

• Fixed bug where player could move when attacking

• Added new crafting directory – pendants

• Removed room swap between loading game to increase load times and remove graphics glitch

• Map detail items are now processed as tiles instead of objects to reduce cpu load

• Added three new necklace items –

– Ruby necklace – increases attack damage

– Agate necklace – Increase attack speed

– Jade necklace – increase health and armour

• Boots are now required to walk on ice and snow or movement speed will be slowed

• Fixed bug where player would get progressively slower after loading and saving a game

• increased amount of visible crafting recipes by 1

• Added a new type of wood – Ember – Used for crafting high-end powerful weapons

• Added a new interface element to the crafting system – directories – These combine similar items together to save space and scrolling!

• Fixed bug when calculating bow damage

• Orange trees now drop oranges!

• Added a new bow type, the Recurve bow!

• Fixed bug with bow attack not reversing correctly

• Smoothed player animation slightly

That is it for today guys, expect another huge update on Monday!

– Zero.

ATOS patch notes #6

Hiya guys,

Today patch is targeted at fixing some of the issues that have been reported with dungeons, specifically when entering an exiting there was a bug that mishandled the player positioning. This has now been resolved. Today I re-worked the players camera to be a little more fluid in its movement, and not as rigid as before.

We have some great new additions coming up so look out for those!

Version 1.1.38 (21-5-14)

• Added new fall back to dungeon generation to prevent crashes

• Increased number of dungeons generated in the world by 5

• Fixed bug with some gui items being click able when not visible

• Fixed lag associated with the first 10 seconds when starting a new game

• Re-designed the camera to now work much more ‘fluid’ and less strict in its movement, try running and stopping!

• Fixed potential bug in map generation loop that could stall the game

• Found and fixed cause of some dungeons being completely back and empty

• Fixed bug when entering and exiting dungeons that the players position could be lost

• Fixed bug where dungeon entrance could sometimes

• Fixed bug with pause menu trying to draw even when the window did not have focus causing a crash

• Reduced floor tile ‘flashing’, still not fully resolved

That is all for today,


ATOS patch notes #5

Hiya guys,

Today’s patch focuses on fixing some of the broken logic in the crafting system of ATOS, as-well as some bugs that where present with the core npc controller. I am extremely happy to report that performance reports people have been sending in across the board are very positive, and the game is now running stable on most devices. It was a rough few days but we finally got there. We can not start to focus on improving the game-play as-well as adding new features, items and objectives!

We are currently working on a raft type system to allow much quicker movement over water, so be on the lookout for that!

Version 1.1.37 (20-5-14)

• Fixed bug that was preventing campfire and other objects being placed

• Fixed bug with needs not planting correctly in some instances

• Fixed bug with player death animation not playing

• Fixed bug with npcs changing direction too quickly

• Increased campfire burn time by 10 seconds

• Fixed bug with campfire particle positioning

• Fixed bug when using items with other objects the positioning was calculated wrong

• Fixed bug with bow animation not displaying correctly

• Fixed bug with map sometimes being fully drawn when entering the world

• Crafting metal armour now requires an anvil. Cooking meats now requires a campfire

• Fixed bug where meat could be cooked without campfire being lit

• Fixed bug where bandages where not being removed from inventory after use

• Fixed bug where dead NPC where sometimes being drawn after reloading the game

• Fixed bug where dead NPC and resources were being drawn on the mini-map

Thanks for reading,


A Tale of Survival has been released on the Google Play store!

Good news everyone! A Tale of Survival is now available for purchase on the Google Play store! After months of development, delays and refinements the game is finally ready!

A Tale of Survival (ATOS) is open world survival based RPG. The game features a completely randomly generated open world to explore, crafting, survival based game play and resource gathering. Stranded and alone you must harvest the materials from the land around you to survive! –

* Randomly generated, unique open world to explore

* Craft weapons, clothing and tools

* Dungeons to discover and explore

* Lots of enemy variety!

* Permanent death

* Fight deadly monsters

* Manage your hunger and and warmth to stay alive

* Unique soundtrack

* Fishing, mining and lots more..

This version of the game features hundreds of bug fixes, performance optimisations and game playimprovements. The game has been heavily changed to put much further focus on the survival and crafting aspects of the game. A score system has been added with global rankings and better yet there is still lots more to come!

Get the game – HERE

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and awesome ideas, we really appreciate it! We cant wait to begin receiving your feedback, implementing new ideas and developing ATOS even further.

Gearing up for release, changelog and unexpected delays!

Hiya guys,

It’s finally here, well almost. ATOS will be released tomorrow (May 12th) on the Google-play store! Despite it taking a full two-weeks longer than originally planned the game is finally playable and stable enough for public release and we are more than excited to do just that. There have been allot of changes in the last few weeks, a huge amount of balancing and many additions. Here is just some of the most recent changelog –

• Fixed bug with npc collision checking

• Some npcs can now be ‘pushed’ out of the way when walking into them

• Added new cow npc type

• Added new npc static animation type, for example cows can eat grass

• Added two new items, leather and leather scraps

• Implemented new global resource tracker so that resources will now re-spawn even when the player is not in that area

• Plants will not grow without the player being near them

• Identified bug with resource placement script

• Added new time based npc re-spawn script to game

• Added new pig npc type

• Added chicken eat animation

• Added sheep eat animation

• Npcs will no longer re-spawn on a visible area to the player

• Fixed bug where some resources and npcs would randomly appear on screen

• Removed clouds temporarily due to performance issues

• Fixed bug with paper doll drawing that would cut off some specific items

• Added many seed item types including –

Carrots – Potatoes – Chilli -Sweetcorn

• The seeds for these items will spawn randomly

• Armour now actively reduces incoming damage

• Fishing now slowly damaged fishing rods durability

• Mining and woodcutting now slowly damages respective tools durability

• Added new status indicator to indicate when movement is being slowed by leg damage

• Added new indicator for arm damage

• Damaged arms now reduce attack damage potential

• Removed damage text for player, replaced with notification in text log

• Removed multiple interaction types for npcs and resources, replaced with a single click event

• Added black text background to text log

• Bee’s are no longer aggressive by default

• Finished updating credits file

• Updated names of facial features on character creation page

• When credits end the menu will now automatically return to the home screen

• Fixed bug with action key sometimes not detecting instances even when they should of been within action range

• Adjusted timers on day and night cycles to be slightly more random

• Adjusted night alpha settings to not always be completely dark

• Added random text display to menu home!

• Fixed bug that would allow android users to have an almost unlimited character length on their character names

• Fixed bug with some trees requiring the wrong tool to cut them

• Increased enemy regeneration rate by 0.2 per second

• Increased the amount of hunger all food replenishes by 50%

• Fixed bug with scores still incrementing on player death

• Added several new interaction icons

• Fixed bug with crafting not detecting required objects such as furnaces and cooking pots

• Added cooking pot objects requirement for some crafting recipes

• Added anvil object requirement nectary for some crafting recipes

• Fixed bug when placing objects where blood on the floor would prevent items from being placed in that area

• Fixed bug with deep water not progressing player water depth indicator

• Moving between deep and shallow water will now change water level

• Added several arrow sounds when missing targets

• Fixed interaction icon position bug

• Fixed bug with audio engine getting stuck in constant error loop and not playing songs

• Fixed bug with bow animation playing even when the player did not have any ammo

• Wrote a new targeting system script that will now detect targets based on a priority system rather than first detected This means that enemies will always be targeted first if in range before resources, followed by items. This should fix allot of issues regarding hitting the right targets!

• Fixed bug with cacti not doing damage on collision

• Fixed targeting bug with chicken npc

• Added wooden shield crafting recipe to weapons

• Fixed bug with status indicators causing a random exception error and crashing the game

• Fixed graphical bug when placing specific items that would draw random GUI objects on the screen

• Added water movement step sounds

• Fixed bug with cave entrances sometimes not being accessible

• Increased dungeon monster spawn rate by 60% for harder difficulty

• Fixed bug with some speech bubble text not displaying correctly

• Gathering grown plants now has a chance of dropping seeds too

• Fixed bug with npc re-spawn timers not functioning correctly

We are very much looking forward to hearing your feedback, ideas and criticisms and looking forward to fixing all the bugs that will inevitably appear!

Thats all for now,