Hiya guys!

After a short break in development we are back with a new update for A Tale of Survival! This update boasts an redesigned and cleaner interface, new game-play mechanics and as always performance improvements and bug fixes.

We are constantly reading your comments and thoughts on the game and if you have anything you would like to share please feel free to contact us.

Here are the changes

– Version 1.1.89 (10-2-15)
• Fixed bug with interact button when using ladder to climb into dungeons
• Resources can now be harvested by clicking on them
• Fixed bug with cliff steps not being walk able
• Reduced texture swaps by up to 30% for better performance
• Torch now requires stick and two coal to craft instead of wool cloth
• Fixed bug with targeting system not calculating priorities correctly
• Added new splash screen
• Worlds now generate with a pool of water surrounding them
• Fixed a long standing issue with the auto-tiling system ignoring some tile corners
• Fishing catch text now accurately displays catch details
• Fixed bug with some interaction objects not working correctly
• Reduced number of golems that spawn on each map
• Increased size of ground items by 0.2
• Redesigned GUI to be far more minimalistic
• Redesigned crafting GUI for faster crafting
• Reduced number of apples that spawn by 25%
• Fixed bug with ghosts sometimes staying alive after night
• The minimap has now been removed
• Fixed bug with crafting menu sometimes activating joystick
• Seeds now randomly spawn on the map
• Wooden planks will now randomly spawn in water
• Seeds now randomly spawn across the map
• Added new weather effects toggle to options menu
• Added new food item, potato stew!
• NPCS will now avoid campfires at night!
• Added new rain and snow effects
• Movement is now slowed when it is raining

Thanks guys,

– Zero


Hiya guys,

There have been a few reports of issues on the Windows port of A Tale of Survival. To fix these up as soon as possible we have decided to release this new version of ATOS a week earlier. This new release contains several new game-play elements and more bug fixes.

One of the major changes in this release is the way that NPCS are now managed. We have now developed a modular based system for NPCS allowing them to be unique and act differently than each-other. We plan to fully utilize this in versions to come. Being cold now prevents health regeneration making survival just a little bit more difficult. NPCS can now also apply de-buffs to the player such as poisons or slows.

This update will be available for Google-play and Amazon users and users shortly!



– Version 1.1.83 (18-10-14)

• Fixed bug with combat music not playing in some instances
• Combat music will now not always play when entering combat
• Fixed bug with day and night themes cutting out early and not looping correctly
• Fixed bug with item durability bars appearing blurry on certain resolutions
• Fixed bug with credits alpha effecting the menu interface
• Increased the size of the crafting scrolling buttons by 160%
• Fixed bug with crafting scrolling buttons sometimes not aligning correctly on window devices
• Being cold now causes damage over time to the player
• Some NPC’s now inflict negative player effects when attacking such as poison or slow effects
• Added new poison DOT effect
• Fixed bug with player scores not displaying correctly in character selection screen after last update
• Fixed character score text alignment bug when creating long character names
• Fixed bug with alpha blend in menu screen when exiting the game
• Modifiers are now stored variables that will immediately take effect when loading into a game
• Fixed a bug with the modifiers that could potentially make them last forever
• Water lilies are now intractable objects and will move out of your way when passing through them
• Added new breaking effect when harvesting resources
• Fixed bug with targeting resources that was priorities ground items instead of the resource
• Fixed bug with player death animation not playing correctly when hitting the action button
• Added collision detection
• Player will no longer regenerate health when cold
• Fixed positioning of float when fishing to no longer pass through objects or terrain
• Water rocks are now solid objects/obstacles
• NPC AI is now based on a new modular system which will make new ai type implementation a lot easier!
• Worlds now spawn with a pool of water surrounding them
• Fixed health bar positioning of the combat dummy
• Fixed bug with cliff step positioning

That is it for today, look out for the next update shortly!

Thanks for reading,

– Zero

A Tale of Survival version 1.1.81 and Windows release!

Hiya guys,

I am extremely happy to announce that along with a brand new update with several new improvements and bug fixes also comes with it the long awaited Windows release of A Tale of Survival!

The Windows version can now be purchased directly from which includes a free copy of the Android version too, follow the link bellow for more details –

Upcoming updates for both Android and Windows version will be available alongside each-other with similar, if not the same content available across both platforms. As always we are continually looking for your ideas and feedback, please use the contact form on our website and let us know what you think!

Please find the latest changes bellow –

Version 1.1.81 (11-10-14)  –

  • Reduced gui drawing for a slight fps increase
  • Fixed bug with world size selector sometimes not working correctly
  • Fixed bug with character selection alignment
  • Using or eating an item will now remove from the inventory slot selected instead of the first available.
  • Nights now last longer the more nights you survive
  • Increased transition speed from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk by 30%
  • Fixed bug with cliff steps sometimes being embedded into the cliffs
  • Fixed bug with some gui menus sometimes being hidden when constantly switching the display size
  • Fixed a bug where the player could potentially get stuck when entering the game
  • Added rebind-able keys for windows users!

That is it for today guys, have a great day!

– Zero.


Hiya guys,

It has been a long time coming but we are finally ready to release version 1.1.80 of A Tale of Survival for Google-Play and Amazon users. This new version features numerous bug fixes, several new compatibility features for lower end devices as-well as some new game play elements.

We are currently working on several new big features for the next update, this includes ranged enemies, pets and new environment types.

– 21-9-14 –

  • Fixed bug with sweet corn not being edible
  • Fixed memory management issue when starting a new game that could cause a white box to appear around the player
  • Fixed lag on initial load when creating a new game world for lower end devices
  • Changed the way that resource health is calculated to be slightly more random
  • Fixed bug when mining adamantite that would sometimes spawn sand
  • Fixed bug when targeting an area where an NPC had previously died that would cause a bug
  • Being near lava now provides warmth
  • Fixed bug which prevented leather scraps from being dropped
  • Fixed bug with warmth detection not working correctly due to wrong player positioning code
  • Fixed bug with camp-fire providing warmth when not lit
  • Camp-fire can now be destroyed when lit
  • Jade is now a random
  • drop when mining adamantite
  • Combat music will no longer trigger every time you enter combat
  • Fixed bug with auto tiling system that could cause a random crash
  • Fixed bug when placing cooking pot on camp-fire that was reading the wrong mouse coordinates creating an error
  • Reduced size of action bubble interface element
  • Fixed bug with camp-fire that was not activating collision checks when placing it
  • Fix bug with camp-fire vanishing when placing a cooking pot on top of it
  • Added random drop chances when destroying objects and structures
  • Added version information to menu screen
  • Fixed bug with arrows not dropping correctly when killing an npc
  • Fixed bug with zoom buttons not displaying after last update
  • Fixed bug with chests not spawning with any items in them
  • Fixed bug with resource generation sometimes loosing data on load
  • Gates now only stack up-to 5
  • Ruby, jade and amethyst are now labelled as crafting materials. Ruby no longer is equitable
  • Added bounce back when hitting cacti and other spiky objects!
  • Lava damage sound will no longer player on death
  • Fixed a bug when entering and exiting a cave or dungeon without saving that could sometimes result in a black screen
  • Fixed glitch with cave walls sometimes not adding correctly when generating
  • Reduced health of Ghost to 35

That is all for today, the next update will be the 5th of august so send us your ideas and suggestions before then!


– Zero.

A Tale of Survival version 1.1.78 patch notes

Hiya guys,

Today we are proud to release version 1.1.78 of A Tale of Survival! This update will be available shortly for both Google play and Amazon users. This patch aims to fix a few new bugs introduced in the previous patch, add new game play elements and balance changes as-well as more depth to existing mechanics!

  • Fixed glitch with chest constantly re-selection items on hover
  • Player damage is now rounded for damage text
  • Fixed a small memory leak when loading a previous save whilst in game
  • Fixed bug with chest items not being saved until the chest gui was closed
  • Removed place item from Wheat item
  • Monsters will now randomly spawn at night, known as ‘phantoms’ they are extremely dangerous and will try to destroy your base defences, beware!
  • Growing resources are no longer solid to prevent the player sometimes getting stuck when placing them
  • Fixed some bugs with ghost animation not displaying correctly
  • Fixed bug with fence gate displaying an incorrect sprite when loading a game
  • Fixed bug with fences closing when saving and loading a game
  • Added extra backwards compatibility to save files
  • Added new range check to prevent pre-emptive playing of combat music
  • Fixed bug with music engine sometimes playing multiple tracks at once when exiting and entering a game quickly
  • Fixed but with leather hide not displaying drop option in item description
  • Added new water collision checking to fishing floats to stop them sometimes appearing on land
  • Enemies will now sometimes continue to chase the player even if they are off-screen
  • Added differentiation in map detail types so that some are now solid where others are not
  • The raft will now simulate water movement when the player is standing on it as-well as travelling at slow speeds
  • Added sound when digging up plants and other detail items
  • Fixed bug with sleeping not restoring health and energy correctly
  • Player can no longer sleep during the day
  • Expanding sleeping with several new error messages, a cool down between sleeps and
  • Fixed a bug when building an object and cooking items that would check the mouse position after the cool down bar had faded instead of the actual position of the original click

That is all for today guys. As always thank you for your ideas, criticisms and suggestions!

– Zero.


Hiya guys,

After a short delay version 1.1.76 will now shortly be available for download on the Google play and Amazon app stores respectively. This is another huge update that we are excited to be releasing. As a heads up to take full advantage of the new features you will need to generate a new world. This patch includes several quite major bug fixes, the re-addition of an improved dynamic lighting system, rafts, new music and new land types.

As always we look forward to your feedback, bug reports and suggestions. A Tale of Survival has grown rapidly over the last two months and we are looking foward to growing it even further with your support and ideas! Here is the full change-log

Version 1.1.76 (16-7-14) –

  • Fixed bug where some updates would cause random objects to appear onscreen and essentially ruin the games save data.
  • Added more fall-back functionality to save game data to ‘adapt’ after an update to the new files
  • Added new death sound!
  • Improved hit-boxes of all resources, map items and objects
  • Added several new icons for achievements
  • Fixed bug with torch fire not lighting on equip
  • Added dynamic shadowing to resources at night
  • Fixed bug when picking up some ground items that would activate the resource description box
  • Added sounds when opening and closing some interface items
  • Resources no longer automatically interact when clicked
  • Fixed bug with interact button sometimes creating multiple instances of a single action
  • Fixed small memory leak with enemy search script
  • Added a brand new click-based targeting system with priority queues and depth sort-find functionality
  • Re-designed the interactions buttons GUI layout to not obstruct the players view
  • Fishing now uses energy
  • Fixed bug when fishing that caught items were not dropped to the ground
  • Fishing now has a random change of catching some rare and useful items
  • Added sound when  a bite it taken on a fishing line
  • Fishing line no longer draws above the lighting making it harder to fish at night
  • Equipment data is now saved temporarily to prevent any data loss
  • Fixed bug where the player could potentially get stuck in an animation loop
  • Fixed graphical glitch with exit button
  • Fixed bug with map details sometimes changing when loading a previous save
  • Inspecting an unbuilt object now displays the items required to finish building it
  • Lava now does continuous damage when standing on it
  • Fixed some stacking issues related to the hotbar and textbox/interaction buttons
  • Added brand new method of transportation, the raft!
  • Added new environmental detection system to object placement as-well as several new error prompts
  • Added water depth detection to water found in caves
  • Lava now has a random chance of spawning in dungeons and caves
  • Fixed graphical glitch with corners of water tile
  • Re-worked water graphics
  • Added new water detail type, the lilly!
  • Fixed bug with cave stairs sometimes being blocked making it hard to exit a cave
  • Added waterfalls!
  • Potatoes, chillis, sweetcorn and carrot plants now randomly spawn on the map
  • Fixed bug with reeds being overlapped by some map objects
  • Increased dirt detail objects by 60%
  • Improved collision detection with reeds and long grass
  • Crafting wooden plank now makes two planks instead of one
  • Added click sound to crafting menu scrolling

That is all for today,

– Zero.

A Tale of Survival, now available on the Amazon app store!

Good news everyone,

After a long time waiting A Tale of Survival is now available for kindle users via the Amazon app store! We are extremely excited about this release and hope that you are too. The game is priced at the regular price of £0.99 and will be continually updated alongside the version currently available on Google Play.

Get A Tale of Survival now!

The version currently available for Amazon users is the latest release (1.1.75) which included several new structures to build, objects to interact with and improved game play.

Thank-you for the continued support,

– Zero.

We are back up and running!

Hiya guys, After a brief period of maintenance we are back on-line! We have been working on a fresh new style for the website as-well as adding some extra functionality that was not there beforehand.

Among the new features of the website is a brand new countdown timer (Currently on the homepage) which shows a countdown to the release of the next update for A Tale of Survival! There is also now better search functionality and improved cross-browser support.

Thanks guys,

– Zero.

A Tale of Survival version 1.72 release!

Hiya guys!

Today we are very excited to be releasing version 1.72 of A Tale of survival which will shortly be a available to download. This update features numerous bug fixes, increased device compatibility, new resources and armour sets and lots more! Read the full patch notes below.

Version 1.1.73 (18-6-14) –

• Increased base moment speed by 1

• Increased spawn rate of spiders by 20%

• Fixed bug with npcs spawning inside solid objects

• Fixed bug with battle music continuing to player even out of combat

• Bread now stacks upto 5 times

• Fixed major bug that was messing up the auto-tiling of fence panels and stone walls

• Both hands or legs now need to be damaged to cause a negative debuff affecting either movement speed or attack damage

• Fixed bug which was slowing the players movement speed after taking lava damage

• Damaged legs now actually slows movement speed

• Fixed bug with cold permanently slowing movement speed

• Water now only slows movement after a certain depth

• Bat wing can now be eaten

• Increased spawn rate of all objects in caves by 25% to make them more useful and fun to explore

• Fixed bug with some tiles not being drawn on initial load

• Fixed bug when placing combat dummy that it sometimes would not appear

• Fixed bug with chest when opened that would not close when the player moved away

• Fixed some logic bugs with the temporary game saving function that was causing some map items to disappear when loading the game

• Fixed a bug with the game save system which could be exploited to duplicate items

• Added a new mineable rock type, adamantite – This is a rare and powerful resource that can only be found in caves

• Added new durability detrition values for woodcutting axes and pickaxes

• Fixed bug with durability status modifier displaying several times when equipping and un-equipping a damaged weapon

• All armour now has a durability rating and takes damage when the player does. This is relative to the limb that takes damage whilst in combat. If equipment gets too low it will break.

• Fixed bug with modifiers sometimes overlapping the score gui element.

• Modifiers can now show upto 9 de-buffs at a single time instead of the previous 6

• Added new wooden fences!

• Added brand new armour set, adamantite armour!

• Added new resource type, sand!

• Fixed bug with pickaxe not applying correct attack damage value

• Fixed bug with pause screen going black on some devices


That is it for today guys, keep sending us your ideas and suggestions!

– Zero