Amethlion 0.0.26 changelog

Fixed floating torch bug
Added level requirements for weapon crafting
Added smithing experience for crafting weapons experience
Fixed crafting menu flicker and tab remembrance
Solids no longer block player when following and npc
Changed all instances to use layers instead of depth – this should stop all flickering
Increased Gork health and damage by 10 and 2 respectively
Fixed and improved respawn on npcs and resources
Increased damage of mushroom and reduced health
Fireworks can only be used at night now
Added quest text for ‘The hawks have landed’ quest
Added leaderboards to main screen (ios and android)
Added food store vendor
Added Agate and Amethyst ring crafting options to Citadel blacksmith
You can now re-buy a chef hat from the citadel chef
Added random detail generation to waterfall map
Added Amethyst and jade spawns to random dungeons
Added ‘quest points’ to minimap tab

Amethlion 0.0.25 – Patch notes

– version 0.0.25 –

Fixed bug near bastion mines which meant creatures could spawn in walls
Fixed missing collision box near bastion farmhouse
Fixed some issues with resources spawning on paths in the bastion
Improved enemy depth sorting
Improved enemy collision with resources
Improved resource depth sorting, added alpha switch when behind resources
Fixed played depth on death
Fixed bug with text overlay showing multiple items on quest completion
Added several new gork spawns to the swamps!
Gork destroyer quest now teaches the flare ability instead of float
The butterfly hunter quest now unlocks the ‘Float’ Ability!
Fixed bug that prevented butterflies from being caught
Removed starting items from character creation in story mode, only levels apply
Reduced damage of slime boss by 50%
Added slightly more water details in the bastion
All resources are now solid
Fixed chest durability bar alignment
Added ‘Store in chest’ sound
Added level requirements to backend crafting calculation – rolled out to armor and weapons only currently
Improved crafting screen, now stores scroll position on failed craft and reduced flicker
Crafting can now give experience

What is Amethlion. new features, quests and development log!

Hiya guys,

I have been developing Amethlion for just over a year now and thought it was about time I started updating you on the state of Amethlion, what the game actually involves and new features have been added in the past few months.

In a nutshell Amethlion is a mix of open world survival game play and classic RPG questing with some rogue-like elements and mechanics thrown in for good measure. Soon to be avaliable for IOS, Android and Windows the game features a central story line that will have you exploring several different regions throughout the games large open world to complete. About 50% of the games world is randomly generated, giving a new experience each time it is played.

There are three major cities in Amethlion, each of these cities are hotspots for collecting quests and performing various tasks. Here is an image of a currently unfinished area called ‘The Citadal’ –








You are free to explore the world of Amethlion at your own pace. The game is packed with unique NPC’s to interact with and there are lot’s of secrets to discover.

Here are some of the games current features –

  • Randomly generated open world to explore
  • Over 75 quests and counting
  • Unique abilities and spells
  • 200 unique items to use
  • Farming, fishing, cooking, woodcutting and mining skills + more
  • over 35 unique monsters and bosses to kill
  • Player owned housing and customisation
  • Pets
  • And a huge amount more!

Over the next few months I will be adding as much content as I can into Amethlion. I hope to consistently update the community of it’s progress too.

That is all for today. Thank you for reading and subscribe for more news! Please leave a comment with any suggestions,


We are now live again!

Hiya guys,

As you may have noticed we have recently updated and re-vamped the website! There are a few more changes that will be rolled out in the next few weeks but we are pretty happy with the new design. Any suggestions on how we can improve hit us up on the contact form!

We have some big things to announce in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that.


Dynamic Zero.


Hiya guys,

Today we are proud to be releasing A Tale of Survival version 1.4.3 which will shortly be available on all our currently supported platforms!

Female characters

Version 1.4.3 –

  • Added playable female characters to the game with all customization!
  • Added gender change option to character creation menu
  • Improved targeting when attacking and gathering resources
  • Growing resources can now be targeted by clicking them
  • Reduced attack range of bats
  • Increased movement speed of bats by 0.2
  • Increased damage radius of the grenade by 40%
  • Fixed bug where npc’s would sometimes get stuck in objects
  • Increased the movement speed of Ice beetles by 0.4


Get A Tale of Survival



That is it for today guys!


Hiya guys!

Today we are releasing version 1.4.0 of A Tale of Survival! We are extremely proud of this release version and cannot wait to hear your feedback!

Version 1.4.0 –

  • Improved crafting gui positioning for tablet devices
  • Fixed annoying joystick gui clicking issues!
  • Crafting arrows now only gives 2 arrows instead of three
  • Fixed bug with arrows sticking to dead npcs
  • Fixed wool cloth sprite
  • Fixed bug with cancel button not disappearing after bow shot
  • Fixed bug with bow doing melee and ranged damage at the same time
  • Greatly increased the swimming speed of sea snakes
  • Sea snakes are now aggressive
  • Amethyst necklace now requires a gold bar to craft
  • Fixed button with craft button sometimes activating nearby resources
  • Beacon now requires gold bar and amethyst to craft
  • You can now reselect object and item placement positioning before it finishes
  • Fixed bug with backup saving that was not correctly save inventory data
  • Fixed bug with world saving that did not save the correct player position
  • Bandages are now limited to one use at a time
  • Added two new mineable rocks! clay stone and sandstone
  • Fixed bug with bandage modifier icon not disappearing
  • Fixed depth of growing resources
  • Fixed depth of furnace overlapping player
  • Improved song fade in and out timers
  • Increased speed of wolf by 0.2
  • Fixed bug with joystick controls and raft movement
  • Passive npc’s no longer activate combat music
  • Disabled resolution change on mobile devices
  • Fixed bug with weapon durability showing up multiple times in modifier list
  • Fixed bug with resources sometimes disappearing
  • Reduced memory load of world generation slightly
  • Fixed bug with gates sometimes not letting the user pass through when open
  • Fixed bug where fishing rod could be unequipped whilst fishing
  • Fixed bug with details not displaying on upper 10% of map sometimes

Version 1.4.2 –  

  • Changed targeting with mouse to only allow item pickup and object interaction
  • Fixed bug with shadow positioning
  • Added shadows to growing resources
  • Improved depth of resources for few overlaps
  • Fixed items disappearing in some cases when loading a game

Thats all for today guys,

– Zero


Hiya guys,

We are pleased to announce A Tale of Survival version 1.3.1 which will shortly be available! This update contains a host of changes to some of the games cores features which we hope will make for a much better experience!


Cliff building!


  • Two completely new tracks! A full length day and night theme by our composer Mike Frank
  • Fixed error with key rebinding not configuring correctly sometimes
  • Reduced world generation time by 15%
  • Fixed bug when entering dungeons that could cause a delay
  • Resources now no longer block cave exits
  • Increased base day and night lengths slightly
  • Joystick now only activates in the lower left quadrant of the screen
  • Added onscreen indicator for beacon to find your way home!
  • Added cool down to opening and closing interact options with objects
  • Increased damage of lava by 3
  • Fixed ‘sticky joystick’ bug
  • Fixed issue with raft controls
  • Improved depth sorting on some objects
  • Fixed bug when placing plants that would sometimes change their position
  • increased spawn rate of coal by 15%
  • Objects can now be placed on top of grass cliffs!
  • Removed delta timing from core
  • Chests now spawn in dungeons with more cool loot!
  • Improved spawn collision detection for npcs and player
  • Improved depth sorting for long grass and reeds to not overlap objects
  • Fixed bug with item saving that would sometimes cause an error
  • Fixed bug with rain icon sometimes displaying multiple times
  • Improved placement of resources to not overlap


Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this one!

Thanks have  great day –


A Tale of Survival – IOS release, free version changes and developments


Hello world!

Today we are pleased to announce that the long awaited IOS release of our first title A Tale of Survival will shortly be available. It has been a long time coming and we are greatly anticipating your feedback. The IOS release also brings with it two completely new theme songs for the day and night modes of the game and a few key changes that we will be announcing in the coming days so look forward to that. This update will be rolled out on all existing platforms including Android and Windows so don’t worry nobody will be left out!

Some of you may have noticed the removal of the ad-supported version of A Tale of Survival which was available for the last two months on the Google-play store. We ran a trial over this period and are ecstatic with the reception and feedback it received! Existing users will continue to receive updates however we are not allowing any new installations of the free version.

Over the next week or so news will be posted on our twitter so stay tuned!

– Zero


Hiya guys,

Say hello to version 1.3.0 of A Tale of Survival! This version features a few key bug fixes, new in-app purchasable re-spawns and optimisations!

-Version 1.3.0 –

  • Fixed bug which would allow multitudes of poison dot to be added to the player
  • Fixed bug with some enemies multiplying on save
  • Fixed bug with cave walls disappearing in dungeons
  • Added new (IAP) revive option
  • Reduced world population load time by 30%
  • Fixed bug when entering dungeon dungeon which could cause a infinite loop
  • Improved stair placement in dungeons
  • Fixed issue with free version leader boards not displaying correctly
  • Fixed bug with resources sometimes spawning over dungeon entrances
  • Fixed bug with collision detection when placing objects

That is it for today!

– Zero.


Hiya guys,

Today we are extremely excited to be releasing version 1.2.1 of A Tale of Survival. This version boasts a much reduced app-size, over 40% less memory usage and better map drawing. We have fixed a few issues with the particle engine which was causing slowdown on several devices and fixed a newly discovered memory leak associated with background map data.

– Version 1.2.1 –

Reduced memory requirements by around 40% by using new sound compression method
Reduced walking step load for better performance
Optimized rain effect for better performance
Fixed bug with background data not being free’d from memory
Fixed bandage and wool cloth item sprites

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and reports with this new version.

Thanks have a great day,

– Zero.