Gearing up for release, changelog and unexpected delays!

Hiya guys,

It’s finally here, well almost. ATOS will be released tomorrow (May 12th) on the Google-play store! Despite it taking a full two-weeks longer than originally planned the game is finally playable and stable enough for public release and we are more than excited to do just that. There have been allot of changes in the last few weeks, a huge amount of balancing and many additions. Here is just some of the most recent changelog –

• Fixed bug with npc collision checking

• Some npcs can now be ‘pushed’ out of the way when walking into them

• Added new cow npc type

• Added new npc static animation type, for example cows can eat grass

• Added two new items, leather and leather scraps

• Implemented new global resource tracker so that resources will now re-spawn even when the player is not in that area

• Plants will not grow without the player being near them

• Identified bug with resource placement script

• Added new time based npc re-spawn script to game

• Added new pig npc type

• Added chicken eat animation

• Added sheep eat animation

• Npcs will no longer re-spawn on a visible area to the player

• Fixed bug where some resources and npcs would randomly appear on screen

• Removed clouds temporarily due to performance issues

• Fixed bug with paper doll drawing that would cut off some specific items

• Added many seed item types including –

Carrots – Potatoes – Chilli -Sweetcorn

• The seeds for these items will spawn randomly

• Armour now actively reduces incoming damage

• Fishing now slowly damaged fishing rods durability

• Mining and woodcutting now slowly damages respective tools durability

• Added new status indicator to indicate when movement is being slowed by leg damage

• Added new indicator for arm damage

• Damaged arms now reduce attack damage potential

• Removed damage text for player, replaced with notification in text log

• Removed multiple interaction types for npcs and resources, replaced with a single click event

• Added black text background to text log

• Bee’s are no longer aggressive by default

• Finished updating credits file

• Updated names of facial features on character creation page

• When credits end the menu will now automatically return to the home screen

• Fixed bug with action key sometimes not detecting instances even when they should of been within action range

• Adjusted timers on day and night cycles to be slightly more random

• Adjusted night alpha settings to not always be completely dark

• Added random text display to menu home!

• Fixed bug that would allow android users to have an almost unlimited character length on their character names

• Fixed bug with some trees requiring the wrong tool to cut them

• Increased enemy regeneration rate by 0.2 per second

• Increased the amount of hunger all food replenishes by 50%

• Fixed bug with scores still incrementing on player death

• Added several new interaction icons

• Fixed bug with crafting not detecting required objects such as furnaces and cooking pots

• Added cooking pot objects requirement for some crafting recipes

• Added anvil object requirement nectary for some crafting recipes

• Fixed bug when placing objects where blood on the floor would prevent items from being placed in that area

• Fixed bug with deep water not progressing player water depth indicator

• Moving between deep and shallow water will now change water level

• Added several arrow sounds when missing targets

• Fixed interaction icon position bug

• Fixed bug with audio engine getting stuck in constant error loop and not playing songs

• Fixed bug with bow animation playing even when the player did not have any ammo

• Wrote a new targeting system script that will now detect targets based on a priority system rather than first detected This means that enemies will always be targeted first if in range before resources, followed by items. This should fix allot of issues regarding hitting the right targets!

• Fixed bug with cacti not doing damage on collision

• Fixed targeting bug with chicken npc

• Added wooden shield crafting recipe to weapons

• Fixed bug with status indicators causing a random exception error and crashing the game

• Fixed graphical bug when placing specific items that would draw random GUI objects on the screen

• Added water movement step sounds

• Fixed bug with cave entrances sometimes not being accessible

• Increased dungeon monster spawn rate by 60% for harder difficulty

• Fixed bug with some speech bubble text not displaying correctly

• Gathering grown plants now has a chance of dropping seeds too

• Fixed bug with npc re-spawn timers not functioning correctly

We are very much looking forward to hearing your feedback, ideas and criticisms and looking forward to fixing all the bugs that will inevitably appear!

Thats all for now,


Just rambling, and some updates too!

Hiya guys,

As I mentioned in a previous post the game had to go on the ‘backburner’ as such for a few weeks while I worked on other things. I’ve delayed the overall release of the game to late April, however this is a firm release date with no compromises!

Allot of the work I have been doing is more on the ‘back-end’ side of things. Understanding the constraints of the mobile platform and overcoming them has been a huge learning curve for me and I have learnt a lot of great new programming concepts along the way. In-turn I have learnt a few painful lessons about the scope of the game, limitations terms of time and resources and also how to and how not to manage a project!

All in all the game is now allot more stable than before. Performance has increased a noticeable amount across all my testing devices. With the new optimisations it has also allowed me to increase the world size to over 300% more without impeding on the games performance (although a little slower generation time). Also map items are now stored alongside the resource data which allows a near infinite amount of items to remain on the ground without slowing the game down significantly.

I have gone back and re-developed the character creation screen. There are now several new options including body type, hair, eyes and nose customisation. As-well as the original hair colours and world generation options.

The game now features over 100 unique items.DOT and HOT items with indicators. Fully randomised dungeons and dungeon entrances with unique items, enemies and loot.  Several armour sets. Several weapon types. Around 40 crafting recipes. 20 different enemy types.

My core focus at the moment is the finish up allot of the survival elements. Hunger and thirst need tweaking so that they are more meaningful to the gameplay. I need to implement some kind of ai for night time which makes specific enemies much more deadly and aggressive once the sun sets.

Okay that is my ramblings done for now!

Music producer announced!

Mike Frank - All Hands Bury The Dead
Mike Frank – All Hands Bury The Dead

We have a music producer for our upcoming game A Tale Of Survival. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Mike Frank of All Hands Bury The Dead has agreed to work with us. You may have already noticed one track we have posted by Mike, the current main theme to the game. Working together so far we have created several main themes for the game and numerous unique sound effects, I look forward to showing you these in the not too distance future.