Development update 19-1-14

It has been a while since I posted one of these! There has been allot of development going on in the last few weeks as I try to hit my goal of getting the game out there by the end of January, here is a quick list of some of the most notable changes and features that have been added –

  • . World items now randomly spawn on the ground when generating
  • . Re-wrote the way that tiles are managed and drawn in game. increasing overall game performance by around 200%
  • . Reduced weather particle effects for better performance
  • . Disabled permanently on v-sync (will be added to options menu)
  • . Completely re-wrote the entire source for all objects, npcs and map items for better performance and better save and load accuracy.
  • . Changed the games camera angle and zoom level, increasing performance levels and game experience
  • . Fixed android multi-touch joystick and action button issues
  • . Added several new tile types including lava, reeds and long grass
  • . Added several new map items, including leaves, sticks, flowers, tree branches, rocks and bones
  • . Added several new npc types, bunny’s, bats and bee’s
  • . Energy will now slowly decrease when moving and attacking
  • . Re-worked the map generation code to be much more pretty
  • . Sand is now generated as small islands in water as-well as near shore-lines
  • . Fixed many overlapping tile issues – Tiles now have several layers which they can fade into
  • . Added new battle theme music
  • . Npc’s will now stop chasing after a random distance
  • . Npc’s now have ‘homes’ and will return to them if they move too far
  • . The game no longer needs to re-load when changing the resolution
  • . Fixed up the water depth calculation to be more efficient and accurate

Music producer announced!

Mike Frank - All Hands Bury The Dead
Mike Frank – All Hands Bury The Dead

We have a music producer for our upcoming game A Tale Of Survival. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Mike Frank of All Hands Bury The Dead has agreed to work with us. You may have already noticed one track we have posted by Mike, the current main theme to the game. Working together so far we have created several main themes for the game and numerous unique sound effects, I look forward to showing you these in the not too distance future.

Development update 6-1-14

Fixed options displaying the close button even when not in game
Added several new resource types including blossom tree’s, jungle tree’s
Fixed issue with cacti graphic not displaying correctly
Added new house type, the tree-house!
Fixed map transition grid clear bug
fixed background tiles sometimes not clearing correctly bug
Fixed display bug where clouds sometimes would overlap the world alpha state (night time)
Added pumpkins, carrots and mushrooms to the world spawning script
Added resource crafting map item requirments, such as a furnace, cooking pot or stove