Just rambling, and some updates too!

Hiya guys,

As I mentioned in a previous post the game had to go on the ‘backburner’ as such for a few weeks while I worked on other things. I’ve delayed the overall release of the game to late April, however this is a firm release date with no compromises!

Allot of the work I have been doing is more on the ‘back-end’ side of things. Understanding the constraints of the mobile platform and overcoming them has been a huge learning curve for me and I have learnt a lot of great new programming concepts along the way. In-turn I have learnt a few painful lessons about the scope of the game, limitations terms of time and resources and also how to and how not to manage a project!

All in all the game is now allot more stable than before. Performance has increased a noticeable amount across all my testing devices. With the new optimisations it has also allowed me to increase the world size to over 300% more without impeding on the games performance (although a little slower generation time). Also map items are now stored alongside the resource data which allows a near infinite amount of items to remain on the ground without slowing the game down significantly.

I have gone back and re-developed the character creation screen. There are now several new options including body type, hair, eyes and nose customisation. As-well as the original hair colours and world generation options.

The game now features over 100 unique items.DOT and HOT items with indicators. Fully randomised dungeons and dungeon entrances with unique items, enemies and loot.  Several armour sets. Several weapon types. Around 40 crafting recipes. 20 different enemy types.

My core focus at the moment is the finish up allot of the survival elements. Hunger and thirst need tweaking so that they are more meaningful to the gameplay. I need to implement some kind of ai for night time which makes specific enemies much more deadly and aggressive once the sun sets.

Okay that is my ramblings done for now!

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