ATOS patch notes #9

Hiya guys,

Here is another small update just to address some of the problems people are currently experiencing when interacting with resources. This update also includes a few bug fixes and minor optimisations. We have also re-developed the way that global map collisions are managed to be now far more efficient and implemented this with mountains as a preliminary test.

Version 1.1.47 (27-5-14) –

• Fixed glitch with dungeon tiles when moving horizontally

• Fixed bug with mining rocks still being-mine able even after they had be mined out

• Fixed crash when clicking a dead resource

• Fixed bug with bow shot cancel gui button not responding to multi-touch

• Tree resources now drop 1/3 less than before

• Increased the base hunger heal rate of all food items by 25%

• Reduced damage of the spear by 3

• Increased energy regeneration rate by 0.5 per second

• Reduced running energy drain by 0.5

• Increased vertical draw distance by one

• Streamlined resource management loop for better overall performance

• Fixed bug with loading bar when loading a game not displaying the correct values

• Fixed tile transition between long grass and dark grass not displaying correctly

• Fixed bug with resources sometimes not displaying correctly after re-spawning

• Added craft item output amount to crafting interface

• Fixed bug when destroying fence objects which could dispense more items than was used to make it

• re-added mountain collisions with new optimisation for better performance

• Fixed bug with interact buttons something’s being disrupted by joystick controller

That is is all for today, stay tunes for more!

– Zero

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