ATOS patch notes #8 (THE BIG ONE)

Hiya guys!

Today’s update is another big one, even bigger than the previous! We have been working non-stop this weekend add add new enemy types, several new bows and arrow types, news ways to interact with the environment and loads more. Whats best of all? We finally found the huge bug that was the cause of 90% of all game crashes! There is now more than ever to do in ATOS and we are very excited to see what you make of the new changes!

Version 1.1.45 – 25-4-14

• Added a brand new enemy type – The Golem – Spawns on ice and snow and is very powerful

• Added two new leather items – Leather cap and leather boots

• Reduced crafting menu into ‘directories’ for far easier navigation!

• Fixed bug with loading bar not displaying correct values

• Increased the distance that map items can be picked up from by 15

• Fixed bug when quickly entering and exiting dungeons that could cause a black screen

• Fixed bug with long sword item crashing the game and not displaying correctly

• Reduced hunger step damage to be slightly more realistic

• Decreased step load of gui drawing

• Fixed bug with crafting menu that would scroll the user back to the top when closing an item

• Fixed bug with crafting directories being effected by joystick

• Ember logs now stack

• Fixed bug with defensive structures sometimes causing an error code when reloading the game

• Stone blocks now drop stone when destroyed

• Added a new bow type – The ‘Great bow’

• Added a new arrow type, the ‘bone arrow’

• Re-worked bow damage calculation to now factor in arrow strength

• Fixed bug where player could potentially get stuck in bow animation loop

• Increased radius of projectile hit boxes to make hitting targets a little easier

• Jewels are now stackable

• Fixed bug with bow where the last arrow would not cause any damage

• Fixed bug where player would automatically attack when loading the game

• Added new gui button when shooting arrows to cancel the shot and save the arrow

• Changed equipment gui position to now be displayed on the left

• Equipment can now not be opened when inventory or body status windows are open

• Reduced blood particle life and amount for better performance

• Fixed bug with blurriness around the bow and long sword paper dolls

• Fixed bug with texture messing up after un-pausing the game

• Increased swim speed by 40%

• Reduced run speed by 0.6

• Fixed bug with inventory and equipment slots staying selected after closing them

• Fixed gui flicker when saving the game

• Added new crafting recipe for Greatbow, Recurve bow, Bone arrow

• Fixed bug with items ground items not being visible when in the pause menu

• Fixed bug with npc getting stuck in a loop and slowing down the game

• Added new game loop fullback

• Added 4 new craft able shirts, 4 new craft able pants

• Fixed bug with some leg armour being equip in pendant slot

• Fixed glitch with speech text moving randomly when walking through water

• Fixed a glitch with map drawing array not around down correctly and missing tiles

• Fixed dungeon entrance collision check offset

• Fixed bug with npc descriptions sometimes crashing the game

• Added new icon for iron long sword and iron leg armour

• Fixed transition between long grass and water sometimes giving a black background

• Increased movement speed of imps by 0.4

• Fixed bug with pause screen disappearing when trying to resume a game after taking a phone call or closing phone

• Fixed bug with movement being slowed on ice and snow even when shoes were equip

• Fixed bug with feet paper doll being drawn over the weapon sprite

• Mace is no longer stackable

• Iron long sword is now classified as a two-handed weapon

• Fixed bug with npcs not doing damage after saving the game

• Added new script to do durability damage to items being used from the inventory

• Heavily reduced the amount of drops from most trees

• Fixed bug with the re-spawn timers of resources not working correctly in some situations

• Reduced the size of ground items by 20%

That is all to today, stay tuned for more!

– Zero.

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