ATOS patch notes #7

Hiya guys!

Today’s patch is a big one. We have been hard at work adding new features and more optimisation. Its been a week since we released ATOS and we have learnt allot in that time. It was a bit of a rough launch but with your feedback and bug reports we are making improvements everyday! Today see’s the launch of version 1.1.40, this version fixes graphical glitches between tiles, controller issues, adds several new items and once again increases performance.

Here is the full change-log –

Version 1.1.40 (24-5-14)

• Converted all existing tiles to new scalable format to eliminate gaps between tiles, blurry-ness and tearing

• Fixed bug with npcs spinning when attacking upward

• Fixed bug with npcs moving over or into mountains

• Fixed a lot of tile transition graphical errors

• Fixed bug with spawn collision checking sometimes not working correctly or causing crashes

• Fixed bug with eyes not being selectable in character creator

• Based on feedback joystick have been modified to now work on any area of screen that’s is considered free

• Re-wrote the way that map tiles are drawn to now work slightly more efficiency

• Fixed bug with map not being fully dawn on initial load

• Fixed bug with player character customisation being lost on game load (thanks Gregory Gay)

• Fixed bug with player sometimes getting suck when loading a game

• Smoothed animation between loading bar and entering the world

• Fixed bug with sweetcorn item being equitable

• Fixed bug with ‘Fur’ tree not dropping any items and displaying wrong error message

• Fixed bug with sweetcorn plant that could cause the player to get stuck

• Fixed bug with sweetcorn plant positioning being wrong when planting seed

• Reduced damage of cows by 3, attack speed by 0.4 and chase distance by 200

• Added two new items, Amethysts, Ruby, Jade and Agate jewels, which will be used ink rafting recipes

• Fixed bug with clay stone ore not dropping any items

• Reduced drop rate of gold from mining by 2

• Fixed bug with text in character creator not being centred

• Gold bar now required 2 gold ores instead of one

• Increased damage taken by hunger by 0.5

• Having a full hunger will now grant a short cool down before taking damage

• Running when hungry now causes more damage than walking

• Fixed bug with lava and cacti that was only damaging player legs

• Fixed bug with crafting when the inventory was full that would not spawn the item but take resources

• Fixed bug when un-equipping item with full inventory that would destroy the item

• Fixed main menu random text positioning bug

• Increased arrow crafting output from 1 to 3

• Reduced number of active map objects by 75%

• Fixed bug where player could move when attacking

• Added new crafting directory – pendants

• Removed room swap between loading game to increase load times and remove graphics glitch

• Map detail items are now processed as tiles instead of objects to reduce cpu load

• Added three new necklace items –

– Ruby necklace – increases attack damage

– Agate necklace – Increase attack speed

– Jade necklace – increase health and armour

• Boots are now required to walk on ice and snow or movement speed will be slowed

• Fixed bug where player would get progressively slower after loading and saving a game

• increased amount of visible crafting recipes by 1

• Added a new type of wood – Ember – Used for crafting high-end powerful weapons

• Added a new interface element to the crafting system – directories – These combine similar items together to save space and scrolling!

• Fixed bug when calculating bow damage

• Orange trees now drop oranges!

• Added a new bow type, the Recurve bow!

• Fixed bug with bow attack not reversing correctly

• Smoothed player animation slightly

That is it for today guys, expect another huge update on Monday!

– Zero.

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