ATOS patch notes #5

Hiya guys,

Today’s patch focuses on fixing some of the broken logic in the crafting system of ATOS, as-well as some bugs that where present with the core npc controller. I am extremely happy to report that performance reports people have been sending in across the board are very positive, and the game is now running stable on most devices. It was a rough few days but we finally got there. We can not start to focus on improving the game-play as-well as adding new features, items and objectives!

We are currently working on a raft type system to allow much quicker movement over water, so be on the lookout for that!

Version 1.1.37 (20-5-14)

• Fixed bug that was preventing campfire and other objects being placed

• Fixed bug with needs not planting correctly in some instances

• Fixed bug with player death animation not playing

• Fixed bug with npcs changing direction too quickly

• Increased campfire burn time by 10 seconds

• Fixed bug with campfire particle positioning

• Fixed bug when using items with other objects the positioning was calculated wrong

• Fixed bug with bow animation not displaying correctly

• Fixed bug with map sometimes being fully drawn when entering the world

• Crafting metal armour now requires an anvil. Cooking meats now requires a campfire

• Fixed bug where meat could be cooked without campfire being lit

• Fixed bug where bandages where not being removed from inventory after use

• Fixed bug where dead NPC where sometimes being drawn after reloading the game

• Fixed bug where dead NPC and resources were being drawn on the mini-map

Thanks for reading,


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