ATOS patch notes #4

Hiya guys!

Its been a patchy few days but after this patch I think ATOS will be up and running as first intended. We have managed to work out most of the bugs people have been experiencing from the reports you have been sending in. We hope to start adding more to the game in coming patches including more crafting items, enemy variety and game play elements!

1.1.36 – 19-5-14

• Fixed action bar width overflowing on some devices

• Fixed bug with interaction with some environmental objects such as trees no longer working

• Fixed bug with dungeon entrance positioning not always being correct

• Fixed out of bounds errors when generating a new world after patch 1.1.28

• Fixed bug with player attack animations not playing when gathering resource

• Fixed bug with inventory items staying selected even after placing them

• Based on feedback increased horizontal movement speed by 0.6

• Increased diameter of joystick and move slightly further away from crafting window

• Reduced healing effect of bandages by 1 per second

• Fixed graphical glitch with torch

• Fixed speech bubble movement glitch (again)

• Fixed equipment durability metres sometimes drawing blurry

• Fixed item placement mouse positioning offset to compensate for touch

• Fixed bug which prevented tomatoes being planted in dirt

• Fixed bug with text log which was sucking up a huge amount of memory

• Reduced weather particle effects life and size across the board to help with available memory

• Consolidated number of active timers in step events

• Fixed bug where weather was always lasting a constant time instead of a variable length

• Fixed bug with leaf item not healing any hunger

• Reduced stress on initial game load by growing all resources on map on generation instead of as background task

• Fixed glitch with map drawing but when being damaged by fire or cacti

• Fixed glitch that was preventing movement sounds from being played

• Fixed bug with player depth not correctly being calculated in reeds

• Fixed bug with audio engine not correctly calculating song length correctly

• Fixed bug with menu music not changing as intended

• Fixed bug with cave theme music not playing correctly

• Fix bug with songs continuing to play after exiting to menu

• Player can now sprint while moving diagonally

• Fixed bug where flying enemies where appearing underwater

That is it for today, please let us know if you have any ideas that we can use to improve ATOS!

– Zero.

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