ATOS patch notes #3

Hiya guys,

Here is the second update today for ATOS, sorry it took a little longer than expected. This provides allot of new functionality aswell as (of course) bug fixes. Thank you to everyone for the reports so far, they have been invaluable in finding the issues present!

More notably in this patch we have completely changed the way that items are placed on the ground to now display a grid instead of a point and click system, I hope you will find this far more useful!

version 1.1.30 (18-5-14) –

• Reduced world size by 20% for better performance across all devices

• Fixed mouse ‘sticking’ in the menu screen on some devices

• Fixed bug with lighting controller crashing when game lost focus in some situations

• Reduced texture page size to 1028×1028 for better performance on lower-end devices

• Weapon and armour sprites are now loaded externally to save ram and boost loading speeds

• Added new item – Iron leg armour – Along with crafting recipe

• Reduced game save-size by 50%!

• Reduced world generation time by 30%!

• Fixed red-imp sprite glitch

• Fixed NPC water avoidance bug

• Added multiple toggle states to interface items to prevent too many windows being open at once

• Reworked the way that player energy works to now regenerate when the player is walking, just at a slower rate

• Added player speech text for when energy is extremely low

• Changed the way that damage is calculated to be less linear

• Player now has the chance of dealing a critical hit on any attack!

• Fixed a memory leak associated with the players targeting system, this could stop a few crashes!

• Fixed ai path finding bug that could cause the game to crash

• Added sound effect for when the player takes fire damage (lava, campfire etc)

• Fixed bug with power bar sometimes being overlapped by map tiles

• Reduced players base attack damage by 1

• Fixed bug where the player could target dead npcs

• Increased spider base health to 30

• Reduced attack damage, speed and range of worm

• Fixed bug where player and npcs where constantly being checked for changes instead of only when they actually changed

• Fixed bug with dungeon torches staying visible after leaving a dungeon

• Fixed bug where cooking pot could not be placed on top of camp-fire

• Based on recent recent feedback the object placement system has been completely re-written to be far easier to use

• Fixed bug when planting seeds that planted them at an offset to their intended position

• Fixed bug where assets where not being cleared from memory correctly when leaving the game

That is all for today,

– Zero.

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