ATOS patch notes #2

Hiya guys,

We are going to be rolling out a new update for ATOS shortly, aimed at fixing some of the random crashes people are currently experiencing. We are working hard to fix the problems up and to anyone currently experiencing problems please accept our apologies!

Version 1.1.28 (18-5-14)

• Added automatic periodic player data saving to prevent character loss Game is now saved upon generation to allow this

• Fixed bug when placing items that could cause a game crash

• Fixed several random crash issues that were reported, sorry it was not sooner!

• Fixed bug with fishing line and float not being visible after last patch when fishing

• Fixed bug with some tiles ‘flashing’

• Fixed issues with sound engine ‘overflowing’ and potentially causing the game to crash

• Fixed bug when reaching the end of the world that the player could potentially get stuck

• Fixed text alignment issue in character selection window

• Fixed random crash that could happen when the game was held in the pause menu for long periods of time

• Fixed bug with action text alpha not properly resetting after each message

• Fixed bug with paper dolls still being full visible when the player was in water

• Reduced frequency of thunder as-well as sound volume

• Fixed bug with ground item interaction that could cause an out of range error

• Fixed bug where player total health was not being updated when healing

• Fixed bug with red imp sprite not displaying correctly

Thats all for now, expect another update either later on today or early tomorrow. Keep those bug reports comming in!


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