ATOS patch notes #14

Hiya guys!

Today’s patch includes a new enemy type, various bug fixes, several new items and lots more sounds!

version 1.1.70 – (9-5-14)

• Added a full new theme song – time to die!

• Added new water based enemy – The sea snake

• Increased distance that items can be picked up by

• Items can now be picked up while moving

• Reduced cool down between picking up ground items by half

• Added new item, the amethyst necklace

• Fixed bug with crafting window not correctly calculating item stack values

• Fixed bug with inventory not stacking items correctly

• Fixed bug with detail items not being added to ground or inventory when picking up with a full inventory

• Armour and movement speed modifies are now shown in the equipment screen

• Re-designed the crafting gui for a slightly better layout

• Added crafting progress bar to gui

• Added several new sounds for when equipping and un-equipping items

• Added several sounds when eating items

• Reduced ground apples by 30%

• Increased base player movement speed by 0.2

• Wolfs no longer chase into water

• Fixed bug with auto-tiling sometimes not detecting corners of some tiles

That is all for today,

– Zero.

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