ATOS patch notes #13

Hiya guys!

Today’s update includes Quivers, a new hat type, slightly revised gui layout and some balance tweaks, enjoy!

version 1.1.67 (4-6-14) –

• Fixed bug with some game files not being deleted when removing a character

• Added a new gui element to allow zooming in and out of the game view

• Fixed bug that was preventing the correct number of items in the inventory for being calculated

• Fixed bug that was preventing planting seeds after the last patch

• Added new food item, pork!

• Added sounds to character creation window

• Re-designed the equipment window to take up less space

• Added a new object type, barrels

• Added new item, the Quiver

• Fixed bug with two-handed weapons sometimes not un-equipping offhand

• Fixed shield positing overlapping some weapons

• Fixed bug where some items were slowing player movement speed

• Added a new item, the bandanna

• Increased rock stack from 5 to 10

• Reduced pickaxe stone cost from 3 to 2

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