ATOS patch notes #12

Hiya guys,

We have been updating steadily for a few days now adding new features and fixing up existing ones as we go along. None of these changes were significant enough for their own post so bellow is the changes for the past several minor updates.


• Game is now partially saved every 60 seconds to prevent any character loss

• Fixed bug when placing stone blocks that would cause a crash

• Added new collision detection script to the player on spawn meaning if you do get stuck simply re-load the game to un-stick

• Added new object, the beacon – craft and place this item to find your way home

• Added examine and destroy interactions to the table, chair, campfire and furnace items

• Fixed bug with destroying an object that the wrong text would display


• Fixed memory leak when loading and saving multiple games which eventually crashed the game

• Reduced game texture size to 512×512 for better compatibility on lower end devices

• Reduced game save size by over 60%, also reduced saving time by 40%

• Added new mountain tile with black top

• Resized several gui items

• Changed save file format for better compatibility across all devices

• Increased spawn rate of dungeons

• Fixed crash when placing the combat dummy in water

• Fixed bug with raw food sometimes not being taken when cooked

• Fixed bug with some resources not running out

• Increased base damage of woodcutting axe by 0.4

• Fixed bug with music engine sometimes not stopping


• Added a new backup utility that will store temporary data that can be loaded from if the game crashes, saving objects like chests and furnaces that have been placed

• Added two new enemy types, the fire and ice beetle!

• Fixed bug with feather cooking on campfire and producing a cooked fish

• Fixed bug wth gui display now rendering on some lower-end devices

• Fixed bug with fade-ins not covering the entire window

• Disabled automatic power-saving functionality to stop screen dimming on some devices

• Added fire beetle npc to dungeons

• Fixed sprite offsets of cow, imp and wolf

• Reduced health of the pig by 7

• Fixed bug with npc spawn collision checking not calculating correctly

Thanks guys!

– Zero

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