ATOS patch notes #10

Hiya guys!

Today sees the 10th update for ATOS, thank you all so much for the support and suggestions so far! We have been working hard on some new updates for your guys and today we are releasing some of them. Today’s patch includes a brand new storage system, you can now craft and place your own chests to use as static additional storage. This was one of the most highly requested features so we didn’t want to keep you waiting!

We have also redesigned the item-info screen to be more touch friendly and use up less important screen real-estate. The item interaction window has also been modified to now display as a gui element instead of a normal object.

We have also added combat dummies, these are craft-able objects which can be used to test your weapons against. There are also several new items and crafting recipes so be sure to check those out too! of-course there have been several bug fixes and hopefully this build should also improve overall game performance and stability.

Version 1.1.51 (30-5-14)

• Using the new method for collision detection we used on mountains we have been able to apply this to water too to make water detection far more accurate without using lots of memory to do it!

• Shallow and deep water now display as two different depths on the player

• Completely redesigned the item info box to take up less valuable view space

• Item descriptions are now colour coded, green for positive effects and red for negative effects

• Fixed several spelling mistakes (Thanks to Joshua Kehoe)

• Fixed text alignment in title screen

• Fixed bug with some seed items not growing after last update

• Fixed bug with health bar sometimes incorrectly calculating actual value

• Added new global check for active emitters to prevent any audio crashes

• Fixed bug with gold ore sometimes instantly re-spawning

• Added several new death sprites for trees

• Fixed bug with tile resource manager trying to clear off-screen tiles and slowing down the game

• Fixed tree death state offsets which could cause the player to get stuck inside a tree when chopping it

• Fixed bug with cloth hat displaying wrong item stats

• Fixed bug with clay stone sometimes spawning in an un-mineable state

• Reduced mining stages of gold, iron and coal by 1

• Fixed bug when leaving dungeon that could cause the player to get stuck in a wall object

• Fixed bug with some objects not being drawn when pausing the game

• Fixed bug with dungeon entrances sometimes being spawned on the side of mountains

• Added a new fall back method to dungeon generation to prevent

• Fixed bug with crafting directories selection remaining active after changing recipe

• Reduced run speed and chase distance of the imp

• Renamed health potion to Hunger potion, now instantly restores a large portion of hunger

• Added new text prompt when out of range to interact with a resource

• Resources and objects with only one interaction action now open automatically when clicking them
• Fixed bug when clicking text box objects that the joystick would activate

• Re-designed the interaction buttons to be far more user friendly

• Fixed bug with ground items being clickable underneath an open inventory

• Fixed bug with light surface not being drawn in the pause menu

• Added inventory item numbers to the hot bar

• Fixed bug with raw meat item being removed from inventory when used

• Fixed bug with npc sprite sometimes glitching when attacking upward

• Improved spawn collision detection for both player and npc

• Reduced chase distance and run speed of the skeleton

• Increased skeleton damage by 1

• Fixed bug which was preventing the ‘cold feet’ de-buff from working properly

• NPC now have different movement speeds in water than on land

• Leather chest no longer slows movement speed

That is it for today guys,

– Zero.

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