Arcane Vale 0.1.6 is now live!

Hello adventurers!

Just a small patch today to address a few small bugs that were reported over the past few weeks and add some quality of improvements to Arcane Vale!

• Added improved out-of-bounds checks to several maps
• Fixed ‘pickup’ text for potions and bottles
• Fixed a bug that would not let you drop items you were not high enough level to use them
• Fixed a rare sound bug when hovering over the hotbar
• Added steam deck keyboard input functionality
• Added cabbage seeds to farming store inventory
• Destroying a wooden gate now returns the correct item
• Added new ‘gore’ option to the game settings (disables blood effects)
• Fixed shop bug that would take an additional item when selling 2 of 3
• Improved textbox scaling across multiple resolutions
• Quest items are now sorted to the bottom of the inventory rather than the top
• Fixed a bug that would mean you lost the pet wolf cub when choosing another pet

With the games launch on Switch finally complete I am now turning my attention back to adding new content to the game in future patches!

That is it for today,

– Zero

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