Arcane Vale 0.1.4 is now live on Steam! New hotbar system + equippable ammo


Hello adventurers!

I am extremely happy to be moving version 0.1.4 from testing to live today! This update includes the highly requested hotbar system, a new dedicated ammo slot in the equipment screen, and several bug fixes.

New hotbar system –

By far the most requested addition since launch has been a hotbar. When designing the game I chose against adding one, but now that it is added and feeling good, I cant imagine it without one!

Items can either be dragged into the hotbar or added directly from the item-info screen. Once they are in the hotbar they will highlight then they are equipped, track durability and item count.

Dedicated ammo slot –

Your ammo of choice can now be equipped rather than the first projectile in the inventory being used. This should make it far easier to choose the right ammo for each fight!

Additions –

• Added new hotbar system (keys can be rebound in the game settings)
• Added ammo slot to equipment screen
• Added default language detection on initial game load
• Added new item equip sounds
• Added campfire to the workbench

Localization –

• Brand new simplified Chinese translations!

Fixes –

• Fixed language selection flags offset on 21:9 resolutions
• Fixed bug with fired projectiles sometimes vanishing when pausing the game
• Fixed character deletion button offset on 21:9 resolutions
• Removed equip option from stocks key
• Fixed gamepad slider visual glitch on mobile devices
• Fixed gamepad visual glitch when changing from 16:9 to 21:9
• Fixed bug when pausing the game quickly after attracting an item which could cause it to fly far away
• Fixed Ballian returning from a task visual glitch
• Fixed glowstick missing description in discovery items
• Fixed boss health bars sometimes flickering during fights
• Improved AI pathfinding when retreating
• Fixed bug when dying on the arena start point which could restart the battle

Balance changes –

• Reduced fiddlers attack range by 25%
• Fiddler will no longer respawn

That is all for today, please be sure to join the Discord channel for regular updates and to stay upto date with development!

– Zero

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