Arcane Vale 0.1.3 is live on Steam – Improved collisions, bug fixes and more!

Hello Adventurers!

I am extremely excited to push Arcane Vale 0.1.3 from beta to live. This update features a completely new, and improved collision system for the game, which makes navigating through forests much easier!

Here you can see the new collision system in action, sliding off terrain and objects (Thank you Splattercat for pointing it out!)

Also included are some improvements to the farming system, specifically the hoe, which can now be used to transform farm dirt back into grass!

Here is the full list of changes –

Changes & additions –

• Implemented ‘slippery’ collisions – Improve collision/slide off stuff
• Large chests can now be unlocked and crafted at the workbench
• Town guards will now more actively hunt and kill any monsters that enter town
• Added region names to the map
• Added new goblin worker animations
• Banners can now be picked up
• Using the hoe on farmed dirt will now revert it back to grass
• Removed weapon slash effect from woodcutting axe
• Increase cull range of solid objects slight to prevent NPC’s bypassing fences

Bug fixes –

• Fixed a bug which would allow you to loot multiple ancient artifacts at once
• Fixed visual glitch when riding horses over fire
• Fixed a bug which would cause Andy to get stuck during the ‘Teach a man to fish’ questline
• Fixed repairing items sometimes causing the item to lose its upgrades
• Fixed a rare bug which could cause the sprinkler to randomly stop working until the game was reloaded
• Fixed crash when killing sharks in the ocean
• Fixed ‘Over the hill’ quest reward taking 300 gold instead of giving it
• Fixed visual glitch when using hoe on some tiles
• Fixed bug which would allow you to enter the pirates cove while mounting without the correct attire
• Sleeping bag now correctly draws player sprite

Localization –

• Several missing translated texts have been added, some new spelling mistakes fixed

Balancing –

• Increased Compsognathus level from 3 to 5

Temporary changes –

• Temporarily changed the condition of the ‘Orcish invasion’ quest to allow hand in without Magub’s hand. Investigating why it is going missing sometimes.That is all for today, if you have an idea’s or sugesstions or want to stay up-to date with development be sure to join the discord!

– Zero

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