ATOS patch notes #11

Hiya guys,

Today we are releasing patch 11 for ATOS. This release fixes several bugs that were reported, adds a new type of enemy AI to the game and tweaks a few existing mechanics to work much better. We are always looking for things to improve so if you have any suggestions please send us an email via our contact form and let us know!

version 1.1.55 (31-5-14)

• Fixed reed tile transition from dirt to grass

• Reduced health of chicken by 5

• Reduced health of butterfly by 7

• Butterflies are now classed as passive and will not do damage, instead they will attempt to run away from the player when attacked

• Fixed bug with large npcs spawning inside some resources

• Fixed bug with cooking pot being be placed on the campfire

• Re-worked all npc collision masks to provide more consistent hit boxes

• Fixed bug with some items disappearing from inventory when crafting

• Added multi-touch to the hotbar and button-bar

• Removed use option from raw meat

• Fixed bug with campfire being re-lit after exiting and loading a game ever after it had burnt out

• Fixed bug with some modifiers status bars not being clickable due to the joystick being activated instead

• Fixed inventory alignment offset

• Added new check to crafting menu to prevent the window opening accidentally when moving the joystick

• Added fade when behind objects so the player is always visible

• Fixed bug with active crafting directory recipe not closing on second click

• Worms no longer spawn on grass to make starting off a little easier

• Reduced hunger step damage by 1

• Added new sound when dropping an item

• Added new click sounds to several buttons

• Added weight and friction to player and npc collisions

• Added new orange tree sprite

• Added temporary swing sound for all weapons

• Fixed bug that was preventing collision checking from taking place when placing some objects

• Fixed bug were negative damage was actually healing the player rather than just not doing damage

• Fixed bug that would prevent picking up stackable items with a full inventory

• Fixed bug when crafting items that would not detect inventory item stack limit properly

• Fixed item options for cloth legs not displaying correctly

• Fixed bug when equipping an item with a full inventory that the existing equip item would be dropped

That is it for today guys!


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