Hiya guys,

It has been a few months since the last devlog and I have been itching to post some content! I started to do some closed beta tests towards the end of the year and the feedback has been nothing short of amazing. Many bugs have been crushed and the game is starting to feel like a real complete package.

The first thing I wanted to showcase is the updated minimap. Icons and markers are much clearer now and the actually drawing speed of the minimap has been greatly improved –

Fishing now has a power bar indicator. You can use it to judge your cast distance, useful if you are casting into a shallow pond –

A feature I wanted to add for a while but was not too sure how to implement was NPC trading. Now if you have a friendship with an NPC they may offer you a dialogue option to trade with them. The items they offer change over different times of the day –

Something that I have intended to add to the game for a long time is controller support. While it is not quite complete yet I have added basic, universal controller support to Surviving Titan. It actually feels pretty nice to play on a controller and I am looking forward to developing this further –

I finally got around to implementing proper tracking for things like quests completed, survivors found ect. It’s a really simply feature but I love being able to see the players stats on the menu-screen

That is all for this week. I would love to hear your suggestions and critique. Please consider joining the games discord for beta access too -> Discord.gg