Hiya guys,

We are pleased to announce A Tale of Survival version 1.3.1 which will shortly be available! This update contains a host of changes to some of the games cores features which we hope will make for a much better experience!


Cliff building!


  • Two completely new tracks! A full length day and night theme by our composer Mike Frank
  • Fixed error with key rebinding not configuring correctly sometimes
  • Reduced world generation time by 15%
  • Fixed bug when entering dungeons that could cause a delay
  • Resources now no longer block cave exits
  • Increased base day and night lengths slightly
  • Joystick now only activates in the lower left quadrant of the screen
  • Added onscreen indicator for beacon to find your way home!
  • Added cool down to opening and closing interact options with objects
  • Increased damage of lava by 3
  • Fixed ‘sticky joystick’ bug
  • Fixed issue with raft controls
  • Improved depth sorting on some objects
  • Fixed bug when placing plants that would sometimes change their position
  • increased spawn rate of coal by 15%
  • Objects can now be placed on top of grass cliffs!
  • Removed delta timing from core
  • Chests now spawn in dungeons with more cool loot!
  • Improved spawn collision detection for npcs and player
  • Improved depth sorting for long grass and reeds to not overlap objects
  • Fixed bug with item saving that would sometimes cause an error
  • Fixed bug with rain icon sometimes displaying multiple times
  • Improved placement of resources to not overlap


Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this one!

Thanks have ¬†great day –


A Tale of Survival – IOS release, free version changes and developments


Hello world!

Today we are pleased to announce that the long awaited IOS release of our first title A Tale of Survival will shortly be available. It has been a long time coming and we are greatly anticipating your feedback. The IOS release also brings with it two completely new theme songs for the day and night modes of the game and a few key changes that we will be announcing in the coming days so look forward to that.¬†This update will be rolled out on all existing platforms including Android and Windows so don’t worry nobody will be left out!

Some of you may have noticed the removal of the ad-supported version of A Tale of Survival which was available for the last two months on the Google-play store. We ran a trial over this period and are ecstatic with the reception and feedback it received! Existing users will continue to receive updates however we are not allowing any new installations of the free version.

Over the next week or so news will be posted on our twitter so stay tuned!

– Zero