Hiya guys,

There have been a few reports of issues on the Windows port of A Tale of Survival. To fix these up as soon as possible we have decided to release this new version of ATOS a week earlier. This new release contains several new game-play elements and more bug fixes.

One of the major changes in this release is the way that NPCS are now managed. We have now developed a modular based system for NPCS allowing them to be unique and act differently than each-other. We plan to fully utilize this in versions to come. Being cold now prevents health regeneration making survival just a little bit more difficult. NPCS can now also apply de-buffs to the player such as poisons or slows.

This update will be available for Google-play and Amazon users and users shortly!



– Version 1.1.83 (18-10-14)

• Fixed bug with combat music not playing in some instances
• Combat music will now not always play when entering combat
• Fixed bug with day and night themes cutting out early and not looping correctly
• Fixed bug with item durability bars appearing blurry on certain resolutions
• Fixed bug with credits alpha effecting the menu interface
• Increased the size of the crafting scrolling buttons by 160%
• Fixed bug with crafting scrolling buttons sometimes not aligning correctly on window devices
• Being cold now causes damage over time to the player
• Some NPC’s now inflict negative player effects when attacking such as poison or slow effects
• Added new poison DOT effect
• Fixed bug with player scores not displaying correctly in character selection screen after last update
• Fixed character score text alignment bug when creating long character names
• Fixed bug with alpha blend in menu screen when exiting the game
• Modifiers are now stored variables that will immediately take effect when loading into a game
• Fixed a bug with the modifiers that could potentially make them last forever
• Water lilies are now intractable objects and will move out of your way when passing through them
• Added new breaking effect when harvesting resources
• Fixed bug with targeting resources that was priorities ground items instead of the resource
• Fixed bug with player death animation not playing correctly when hitting the action button
• Added collision detection
• Player will no longer regenerate health when cold
• Fixed positioning of float when fishing to no longer pass through objects or terrain
• Water rocks are now solid objects/obstacles
• NPC AI is now based on a new modular system which will make new ai type implementation a lot easier!
• Worlds now spawn with a pool of water surrounding them
• Fixed health bar positioning of the combat dummy
• Fixed bug with cliff step positioning

That is it for today, look out for the next update shortly!

Thanks for reading,

– Zero

A Tale of Survival version 1.1.81 and Windows release!

Hiya guys,

I am extremely happy to announce that along with a brand new update with several new improvements and bug fixes also comes with it the long awaited Windows release of A Tale of Survival!

The Windows version can now be purchased directly from which includes a free copy of the Android version too, follow the link bellow for more details –

Upcoming updates for both Android and Windows version will be available alongside each-other with similar, if not the same content available across both platforms. As always we are continually looking for your ideas and feedback, please use the contact form on our website and let us know what you think!

Please find the latest changes bellow –

Version 1.1.81 (11-10-14)  –

  • Reduced gui drawing for a slight fps increase
  • Fixed bug with world size selector sometimes not working correctly
  • Fixed bug with character selection alignment
  • Using or eating an item will now remove from the inventory slot selected instead of the first available.
  • Nights now last longer the more nights you survive
  • Increased transition speed from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk by 30%
  • Fixed bug with cliff steps sometimes being embedded into the cliffs
  • Fixed bug with some gui menus sometimes being hidden when constantly switching the display size
  • Fixed a bug where the player could potentially get stuck when entering the game
  • Added rebind-able keys for windows users!

That is it for today guys, have a great day!

– Zero.